May 6, 2015

May 4 How Old Do We Look?

Let's talk about the recent Internet craze

Do you want to know whether computer can tell your age? :)
It's easy like ABC!

Get into the page with the link:

You will see this interface

It's so user-friendly
And to our 21st Century Tech-Babies
This is just a small piece of cake ^^

So you click the "use your own photo" button
To browse your files and upload a nice photo of you
Preferably one with your face clearly seen
(otherwise the computer would not be able to detect your face)

So this is how it works...

First shot... 22 years old (okay you're clever)

Let's try again using another photo...
Second shot... 20 years old (awww you have good eyes heh)

I'm getting so addicted now... @@
Third shot... 19 years old... (izit because of my new bangs?)
Good then I'll just keep it for sometime.... ^w^

How about we run a test on my Bangtan Boys?? ^-^
Can't wait........

Great, boys you're still in your 20s :D
But seems like only SUGA was the only one computer got it right >_<

(Left to right:)
REAL AGE (2015)
Jungkook 18
JIN 23
Rapmon 21
V 20
Jimin 20
J-Hope 21

*지민이.. 누나 비안에... 컴퓨터가 뭐가 잘못탄걸에요.. 비안ㄴㄴ*
*Jiminie... I'm sorry... It seems like the computer has some problem... Sorrey...*

Playing with computer all day long
A day passed away like this
Countdown 5 days...

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