May 21, 2015

May 5 Adventurous Day in Damansara

Buckle-up your seat-belt
We are going to Damansara!

For what?
Huey Wen and I are going to check on our future accommodation.
It's a condo which located 15-mins car-drive away from our future working place.

Anyway, since both of us don't have car, so we did our "Malaysian Public Transport" research.

First, we took KTM from Nilai to KL Sentral.
Then LRT to Kelana Jaya.
And taxi from Kelana Jaya LRT Station to right in front of the condo.
(at first we thought of taking RapidKL instead, but it took us quite some time waiting)

The girl who we contacted, Siti (or I rather address her as Fannie), hasn't reach back condo
So we settled ourselves at the Old Town Restaurant down at the condo
(interesting we both agreed not to enter a Mamak stall since there is no price listing, too risky to try something new)

What I ordered was a somewhat Wanton-Mee (I don't remember the name of the dish already)
with no Wanton but minced meat
Taste good

It came with a dessert if you topped-up with minimum of RM1
And I chose Cendol :9
Love it, especially in a hot day
But not so fancy of the red bean paste ://

Well, the house-checking went smoothly
I shall save the photos until we successfully moved in :)

As far as my concern, (as well as my parents)
It is about the transportation
Again, because Huey Wen and I don't drive to work
The only transportation available for now is by bus
Which is also very time consuming
(Google Map said it will take us about 1 1/2 hour to reach)
Can it be trusted? I highly doubt it... But I'm definitely anxious about it

How am I going to survive for the next 4 months of internship???????? O.O
Dear God, please help me ................. T.T

What we did after checking on the condo was taking bus back to KL Sentral
You may not see something wrong as of now..
But you see
We asked the bus driver whether we could take this bus to our destination,
he nodded and we hopped onto the bus
Not even for 5 minutes,
the bus driver called us to the front,
told us to go down and take another bus on the other side of the road

We were totally blurred at the time,
and went down the bus as instructed
We are in the middle of nowhere, and I don't see any bus-stop across the road

At the point of time, I'm glad I wasn't alone
Then Huey Wen suggested we just try to walk along the tunnel,
and see what's on the other side

Okay, alright
I guess we just have to try then

Thank God!
We quickly spotted a bus-stop across the road!
And as soon as we settled ourselves under the shelter,
it started to rain.

Gosh, what a day :s

When we were starting to wonder whether there is any bus passing by here,
we spotted a RapidKL.
Hurray! Let's go home now!

Since this is our first time taking this bus back to KL Sentral,
we have totally no idea the route.
What we could do is just keeping our eyes BIG in order to tell where are we

The thing is, they don't tell you where you are or which station are you at
How on earth I'm going to know when to ring the bell?

So there was once the bus stopped at a big mall
From a quick glance, it looks like the newly-built NU Shopping Mall
So we went down, just like the majority of the passengers

Yet we found that we were at the wrong station ---
We were at Bangi !
And it's just one more station to reach KL Sentral !!! =,=

Luckily we can travel straight back to KL Sentral by taking LRT
(instead of waiting for another round of bus)

What a day......

By the time we reached back to Nilai KTM Station,
it was already 5PM.

Whole day gone and I'm not quite sure how did I spent it

While waiting for our uni shuttle bus to come, 
Huey Wen then recommended me a Malay hawker stall behind the road
which sells nice Cendol and Mee Rojak

Sureeee, I just can't get enough of Cendol :9

I would say, this is one of the most delicious Cendol I ever tasted so far
Only at RM2 !
And I really like the combination of sweetness and saltiness (nasi pulut) together in a bowl

Why only now then I noticed such good food around in Nilai?
It just make me even harder to say goodbye......

Four more days to go....

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