May 22, 2015

May 7 Big Dinner with Foundation Mates

Finally a full-stop on our college and university days
I can still recall the days we met and became friends on the first week of Foundation

And look, how have we been for these 4 years?

We changed alot,
and of course, I try to believe such change is for the betterment of ourselves

We went to Moonlight Cake House at Sri Petaling
Quite interesting to find the waiters there are all GUYS at night time! XD

If you ask me about the food,
I would say "so so".

Environmental wise,
it's relatively a nice place to chill and have a slice of cake.

As expected,
the gang asked for second round.

So we went to Setia Walk.
We sang and we had some beer.
Yes, I didn't see it wrongly.
I said, BEER.
(don't look at me like that U.U)

Then, there was a third round, actually.
But we missed it because karaoke session ends at 2AM.

Overall, I enjoyed the day.

Two more days to go..........
I'm gonna miss you all be by my side.......

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