May 22, 2015

May 8

I'm gonna leaving this lovely room SOON!!
And as you can see below here,
I'm packing up my stuffs...

These are the things I'm bringing to my new room!
Is it alot???

Thank you so much to Mayee
who helped me in packing up my stuffs..
(although I'm good in tidying up spaces for others,
I'm kinda helpless while doing my own..@@)

Thank you to dear Yik Ting, Sien Zheng, Fu Ming, Nicolas, Yong Hin, Derick Soong!
for helping me to move these stuffs to your place for the moment...
Can't do it without you all :DD

With the gang
we had Pizza Hut for dinner!
(starving..... after all these physical activities >.<)

LOL we are such an alcoholic gang :p

Eating pizza,
Drinking beer,
Watcing CSI,
Playing PSII

How I wish I can hit replay for this semester......

Less than 12 hours to go....

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