August 22, 2015

August 15

It's been always troubling me.
Should girls take the first move?
Should I take the first move?

There was once a guy which I pretty much interested with during my uni time.
It cracked my head to find a way to get to know him better, to become a friend to him, or at least, not just classmate.

I took the first move. I approached. I texted... Now we could text and say "hi" like we knew for many years (yet the fact is we just got closer for the last 3-4 months). But at last, what surprised me is he started to discuss about his crush on another girl to me. *facepalm*

Has I messed it up? Hasn't my intention to know him better makes it clear to him? Or it was just a friendly approach to him from the very beginning. Probably so. But that's not what I meant at the first place thou. Did I go with the wrong way? I don't know..

Surprisingly I didn't feel that bad when he told me about it (at least I didn't cry so badly like the previous one). I am actually happy that at least he thinks we are friends, and I could be the one he seeks to discuss about something (although the topic we are discussing now is not what I thought about). Are we friends now? Yes indeed, but not even close to develop further affection.

Anyway I guess our friendship could takes us further than being in a relationship. I still earn myself a friend, don't I? Alright okay. I am cool with it.

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