August 23, 2015

August 22

Living in condo is a new experience to me, and some more with roommate, and a Malay housemate and her younger sister.

Its no more easy talk when it comes to privacy. Space is limited. 3 rooms, 1 living room. Each of us can afford to occupy an area all by ourselves, but it is still uncomfortable to be your own. You can't wear anything like you want, can't put things anywhere like you want, can't lie down occupying the whole sofa like you want, can't turn on the tv and switch the volume up as you want, can't play music like you want....... whole lots sort of that.

Basically its about my own corner and space. I realized I really need that. And I appreciated it a lot while staying in hostel during my college and university days.

Now I can't even find a place or a time for me to do song covers (something which I wanted to do so badly). :/

Is this it? NO. I don't want to give up and not going to give up that easily!

What I like, I am going to pursue. Music is my passion, and I don't want to let it dies off like that.

Am just praying that this gonna solved soon...

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