August 7, 2015

인사 Greetings on August

Hi, to my blog readers :)
Today I'm writing a post using my new smartphone! Well, I'm not sure whether it's still considered as new now since it's almost 1-month old.. alright, I guess its still a NEW phone :D
It's an ASUS Zenfone 5. At first, I wasn't thinking of buying an ASUS phone, but as I'm urgently in need of changing a phone (my last was pretty much not really compatible to this era anymore, keep on lagging and stuffs), I see this one as a good choice (and it fits into my budget as well).
Considering not much of my friends/colleagues around are using ASUS, I would say it's a rather value-to-price. Please do take consideration on putting it into your list next time when you're looking for a phone ;)
Finally,with an 'up-to-date' compatible gadget, I could do lots of posting stuffs lately. And I hope with this, I could keep this blog as update as possible, sharing updates on foods, fashions, cosmetics.. and of course, my life :D
So.. Til the next time~

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