October 5, 2015

September 30 The End of Internship

Finally the end of my 4-month internship!! \\^0^//

I am so sorry for unable to update here on-time >.<

At first, I thought I was able to make it during weekends, but the sad fact is that there was no Wi-Fi available in the place I stayed @@ how sad right?

Then as I posted previously, I got myself a new cellphone which makes it more possible for me to post some product reviews here without using laptop. Anyway I still prefer to use a proper computer/laptop to write stuffs here (because it's typical that I have too much things to write/say about XP)

Guess I wouldn't need to much to describe my feelings and happiness of finishing this internship. It was a great experience (no doubt at all)! Especially the last few weeks to the end. Lots of outings, hangouts and farewells. Not just the professional skills which I've gained, but also the friendships and connections we have made during these months which I cherish alot.. I couldn't say more to express how fortunate individual I am... Thank you y'all!! ^~^

To add up to the list, I even finished my internship report right on the last day of work, and managed to pass up on the next day. I bet our module leader was pretty amazed thou XD So now I can focus on having some rest and thinking what's next :D

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