November 12, 2015

Real Life Inspiration, Alexandra Reid

While I was swiping the feeds on Twiter, I saw a post saying there is a new member to join Kpop girl group, RaNia.

At the first glance, (frankly) I wasn't paying much attention to the tweet.
But after a few more swipes on the feeds, then appeared another post which titled " ...... 'being in RaNia is a dream come true.' It's the another way around for fans!"
With much curiosity, I clicked into the link and discover amazing and (somewhat) shocking fact that the new member is an African-American, and the VERY FIRST of them who made into the Kpop industry! (Way to go girl!!!)

It's my pleasure to introduce Alexandra Reid, the newly joined member of RaNia!

One of the numerous reasons why I have good feelings for her is knowing that she has a personal blog which she writes about her experience and thoughts. Best thing to add-on to it, she writes in good English. Spot-ON! (Well, personally I do not know any of the Kpop celebrities that own a personal blog for public to read, PLUS written in English).

Don't believe me?
Check this out with your own eyes *~*

Right now I believe many people out there are wondering who is this hot girl on the town. One thing for sure, her presence in Kpop industry now is a hope for many of the dreamers out there (including me, myself), an inspiration to some who wanting to chase their dreams thou it seems far-fetched.

Cheers to Alex and to all!

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