March 16, 2017

March 16 Overwhelmed with DIY Room Decor Ideas! 💡

2017년3월16일 (목요일)

We are just one day closer to the weekends. Give yourself a pat at the back. :D

I was watching one video after another about ideas for room decoration, which are awesome! Not realizing my life is "kinda" getting duller and duller, and these videos really gave me that creative boost I'm craving for.

Not like I'm going to hands on now, but definitely I will try to take some time and picture how I wish my room to look like. There are just too overwhelming for tonight... Geez wonder where to start.

If you are interested in room decoration as well, I will paste the links down and maybe you can get some ideas as well. :) Let's get inspired!

Good night.

marble bed side table by Danielle Jasmine

gold accessory rack by Danielle Jasmine

1. Ikea Hacks & Pinterest DIY's | Make Affordable Look Luxe by Danielle Jasmine

2. 10 DIY Room Decor Ideas for 2017 (Tumblr Inspired) 💡 ✂️ 🔨 Minimal & Affordable! by Drew Scott

romantic bed side lighting by Arlyne Sanjines

3. 10 DIYS Room Decor 2017 Tumblr for Organization and Trendy Decor by Arlyne Sanjines

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