April 3, 2017

April 3 My Current Work Status Updated!📝

Hi all 😁

Just wanna share with you guys how I've been ever since I quited my last job.

For some of you may (or may not know), I worked as a senior account officer during my last placement. The business is dealing with sportswear and attire retailing. The placement lasted for 1 year. Honestly, it was a hard decision since it also means I had to bid farewell to fellow teammates (they are friends after work too).

Since the working environment and requirements are changing rapidly at the later days, it became an inevitable decision to leave for the better.

For those who may know me personally, I'm not a sport person at all.😂 I don't play sports, neither do I go for exercise on a regular basis. Hence, I was quite surprised, at the same time, the fact that I stayed for 1 full year at that sportswear retailing company. (I had no clue at whatsoever at all @@)

And then, I had to move on.

In fact, I stayed at home, unemployed, for 1 whole month. That's when the time I resumed writing and managing my blog, again (since obviously it's too bored at home).

Then, a series of questions popped up in my mind. "What do you want to see in you in 10 years time?" "What do you want to make for a living?" "What is your passion aside performing?" "What are your expertise?" "What can you get when you combine your expertise with your passion?" ... ...

And that's how I arrived at the decision that I wanted to work in cosmetic/skincare/beauty industry. Then I started to send in my resume to certain companies within Malaysia. But soon I noticed, there aren't much beauty companies in the market, actually. :/

Then one day I got a message from an unknown number to inform me for an interview. That was a job position I found on JobStreet. Before realizing and understanding what's happening, thank God, I got the job right on the spot! The truth is, I was quite desperate for a job at that moment as well, so no doubt I accepted the offer.

Jump to our main point today. And yeshhh, I just got confirmed as a permanent staff, starting from 1st of April, 2017!🎉 (thank you thank you~)

The company, which I'm currently working at, has seven (7) cosmetic brands under their belt, particularly ISKIN is the major brand. (check out the website here)

Although my current job scope is only accounting-related work, still I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to work in an actual cosmetic-dealing company, which is exactly what I'm looking for, as mentioned earlier.

What I hope, from now on, is that to have the opportunity to get involved with beauty fairs and events... And maybe one day (*finger-crossed*) who knows that I may not need to do accounts anymore!😂

To everyone who is working hard to pursue your dream, cheers!🍻

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