September 1, 2017

Sep 1 Random ramble

It has been quite happening for the past few months.

As you would have known now, I went to Manila for family trip. It is quite a good bonding time with my family as my sisters are staying in campus for study.

Fast forward to August, we traveled to Kuala Lumpur, which is not in our plan, and I am so happy to be able to catch up with a few uni-mates. Memories and flashbacks from university time just ran through my head. They are really good mates. I just wish I could spend a little more time, but the fact is I am running out of annual leave. (oops)

About half year of planning, finally we flew to Hong Kong to attend my high school mate's wedding. Amy is a very special friend to me. When I first started blogging, she is one of my motivation to blog in the early days. We used to reply each other's post until she seemingly stops writing (Amy, if you're reading this, I'm waiting for you...;)).

During this trip, I met up with some other high school mates whom the longest I haven't meet in 7 years!! Though stuffs in Hong Kong aren't cheap and I was exhausted throughout the whole trip, it was a "recharging holiday" for me. It was then I realized that I needed this kind of getaway sooooo much. I am eager to plan for the next trip now. So what's next? (hehe)

One of my bucket list items is to attend a live concert. (what? you haven't been to a concert yet???) Sadly, this is out-of-topic under family rule no. 2351644a. (yikes) G-Dragon is coming to Kuala Lumpur for his MOTTE World Tour on 16th September. I was so close in getting the ticket, but without permission, it is "unlawful" (it is all written on their faces..urgh).

By the way, how does the online contest work? I saw a Facebook page saying they are giving away G-Dragon's concert tickets; all you need to do is to upload a 30-second video covering his song and put a hashtag. So that's what I did. What's the probability of getting it?? Don't say it.

Anyway, check out my 30-second video singing to G-Dragon's <Crayon>. Click here.

p/s: look what I have found! A water bottle in mobile telephone shape! Childhood memory awww

'Til the next time! ;)

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