May 8, 2018

May 8 A wish for a better future

Hey guys! :D

I am a bit emotional while writing this. I just don't know where and how to start.


Do you agree that we all hope for a better future, a better tomorrow?

I don't want to sound too creepy, but the thing is, we ACTUALLY CAN do something to make a difference.

But how???

(veils up) Time to reveal.

We, as citizens of Malaysia and qualified voters, this is THE TIME.

And tomorrow is THE DAY. :D

As first-time voter, I can't express to you how excited it is to be able vote, to do a small part, as a citizen.

We love Malaysia. I love my country. Our colourful multi-racial society is what makes us shine. Our cultural variety is what makes us charming.

I am just so touched to see people are heading back to their hometowns, regardless of cost and distance, just to cast their votes at their respective registered polling stations.

For those who are currently residing at overseas, they are trying their best to send back their votes before the polling session ends. Since sending back the votes via courier is not possible to meet the deadline, some unsung heros stood up and help to carry these votes back, mostly via planes.

These touching moments are being filmed and you just can't unseen.

Look at these peoples who are trying to make a difference for our tomorrow?

Don't just sit there. This is our duty to do so. To elect leaders of tomorrow. To make our country a better place.

Remember tomorrow is THE DAY.


(Don't complain if you don't even play your part.)

Best wishes for Malaysia, my beloved country.

#GE14 #PRU14

p.s: 唯一的遗憾就是没申请当计票员 zzz

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