October 1, 2018

Something I'm annoyed by Huawei AI camera function (Nova 3i)

Just to share something different today with you all. :) Nothing serious.

Recently I have bought myself a new smartphone, just before SST launched in 1 September. (talking being a cheapskate :p)

It wasn't an easy decision. I was having a hard time choosing between Samsung and Huawei. At the end, due to my budget, I went for Huawei Nova 3i which was just launched a few days before I purchased.

Source: Google

To be 100% honest with you, the sole reason why I hesitated to go in with Huawei is because its camera function.

As you should have know by now, I take lots of photos for blogging purpose. I do not have a DSLR or whatsoever. All I depend is phone camera, and this function is crucial when it comes to purchasing a smartphone.

I do notice many smartphones are offering AI camera functions. Samsung as well. However, Huawei's AI effect is just speechless. :/

Okay let the photos do the talking. Herein I would just like to share a few shots for you to differentiate between on and off AI camera mode.

off (left) vs on (right)

off (left) vs on (right)

off (left) vs on (right)

To be fair, there are hits and misses with their AI camera mode. After 1 month using this phone, I rather taking photos with its AUTO mode and keep the AI mode OFF. With this, photos came out with more natural color finish. If you really wish to enhance the photos, you can always do with photo editing apps, i.e. PhotoGrid (my current favourite; super easy for photo editing amateur like me), VSCO, B612, Meitu and etc. I believe you know much more than me. :3

Nope, I'm not satisfied with its camera function, but anyway I will deal with it for at least 2 years from now. :') By the way, other phone functions are pretty good; for instance, face-lock function (log in within second), battery life, 128GB storage..

Just for your reference. Bye for now.

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