October 10, 2019

Oct 10 Recent updates

Hello soulmates!

It's been a while (1 month to be exact) since my last posting..
At this point of time, I couldn't reveal much, but there are some major changes taking place in my life. To be honest, the fear of change is so real that I could always imagine myself standing in the middle of a massive crossroad, not knowing what's ahead of me.

I promise I will be back very soon and catch up with you here when things settled down..

Nevertheless, if you miss me, you can find me on my YouTube channel.
Yes, I have been posting short videos for the past 1 month, mostly vlogs.
To make things straight, I do not have the intention of shifting to become a YouTuber at this point, but it so happened that we have the time and resources - hence making it possible to create some short videos. Pretty much for fun, yeah.
Drop me a word or say "hi" after watching my vlogs, will ya? :)

This platform is and will always a safe haven that I cherish the most..

Till then. XOXO.


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