October 8, 2014

21 Facts About Me

I was tagged by a uni-friend, Ethan, to do this "20 Facts" challenge on Facebook. And basically, this would explain why I'm writing this out of the blue. Sorry for my delay. Following you, Ethan, I'm giving away 21 facts about me, right here :)

And here you go...

1. I'm a PURE Chinese although I'm called by the name Sakura.
2. The meaning of my Chinese name is "to remember God's love".
3. I'm the eldest among my siblings, and cousins on my father's side.
4. First time traveling by airplane when I was 2 years old +. That was a trip to Singapore.
5. I love singing at very young age. Mostly got influenced by my mum. Performed on stage at the age of 5. It was during my first year kindergarten graduating ceremony.
6. My first crush happened when I was 5. He was studying in the class beside mine.
7. I learned organ before piano.
8. I signed up for art class before, but gave up after few classes. (Really no talent in drawing >.<)
9. I started to wear specs since I was 9.
10. I've been a prefect during my primary schooling time.
11. I like counting / maths a lot. Gene from my dad, probably. (Part of reasons why I chose Accounting and Finance?)
12. I got my first cellphone and ATM card (or, also known as debit card now) at the age of 12.
13. I started to learn Korean since I was 13.
14. I had 4 wisdom teeth, and all pulled out. (And I'm still keeping them, washed and cleaned heh :D)
15. I don't have sweet tooth. I couldn't finish a bar of chocolate by myself. It will take me hours to finish all.
16. I couldn't twist my tongue although both of my siblings do.
17. I got 7 ear-piercing (as of now).
18. I have acrophobia. Meaning irritation fear of height.
19. As a group, I participated in dancing competition during secondary schooling time. (Well.. we didn't win thou)
20. I speak fast in Chinese, but I don't pronounce accurately. I tend to combine words and pronounce them as if a single word. (Maybe you won't realize it after hanging long enough with me heh)
21. I'm turning 21 years old this year! (Whoohoo~)

Well, basically that's about me. :) I hope I didn't bore you.

Somehow I feel this would be interesting to read when I am old.. Memories overflow ~.~

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