November 29, 2011

MAMA 2011 at Singapore

Firstly, I felt so lucky and a bit happy that I didn't really went to Singapore. Because INFINITE didn't go for MAMA. ><

Recalling what I did last year, watchin' MAMA in my study room with broadband, keep blaming the line so lag...... Hmm... It's one year passed ady! :D

When 2PM walking on the red carpet, I was like screaming and shouting and... Immediately I picked up my phone and called Amy to tell her that I saw 2PM live! She was like, "Really? Where? Don't tell me in your dream ahh...><" HAHA XDD

Amy, you still remember? ^^

Just now I watched MAMA for the first few parts... Not manage to watch it all as the campus line was terribly lousy and lag. Can't compare with broadband laa... =.= I wonder how Yuri oni watch this in her room, using her hostel line. Is it UTP better than NUC?? o.O I'm just saying. =)

Yuri oni keeps on telling me so that I go and watch Hyuna and Seunghyun's special stage. Walau eh~~~ They actually kissed in front of so many billions of eyes!!! >< It's gonna be a hot issue for this week =D

Maybe (if I got time) I will go and download the whole thing and watch it again. ;) 

FYI, the ceremony still on-going. This is the link:
Enjoy ^^

2NE1 rocks! =D
Girls' Generation gorgeous! =3
BEAST charisma! ;D
YOON EUN HYE sexy! =*
MISS A pretty! =S
KIM HYUN JOONG handsome! =P

That's all for now. =)
Gonna go back to do MAT113 revision~
Differentiation and Application of Differentiation.

My New Toe Nail Color

Uh-huh~ Here it is~~~ My new toe nail color!^^

Its bloody red + blinky pink!!! ;D
This is the first time my friend do this for me... It was Yik Ting, my newly hairstylist and nail art designer~~~ LOLS XDD

I personally like this nail art very much =3
How about you?? 8)

It's Tuesday morning! I'm gonna have class from 1pm to 5pm.
Tests will start from tomorrow until friday. Duhh~ ><
Although CSC111 (computer class) may seems very easy to you and me, but it is NOT when you're about to sit for its test. SERIOUSLY!!! @@
I love computer, but I hate computer class......=.=

November 28, 2011

分享一下我的拍照技术~ ;D

这是我在教会等聚会开始前(无聊)做的事…… =P




不过,欢迎你下次再找我聊哦~ ;D
不管是在laundry,还是在你的房间~~~ 哈哈!XDD



有没有注意到我的blog page有增加了些东西呢?O.o 哈哈


有兴趣的话,就去search一下dingshuhui.blogspot.com吧~ ;D

November 27, 2011


可是,没想到我一迷上他,就喜欢了快五年了!=3 嘻嘻~

打那么多耳洞,也是被他‘影响’的~ 哈哈 XD
想学唱歌,希望有一天能够一起合唱~ (想太多了)+___+
总而言之,他就是那个让我陷入韩风走不出来的原因~ ;D



工作在怎么样忙碌,也不要累坏身子哦~ ;)
永远爱你、守护你的粉丝……上 O:-)

<Protect The Boss>宣传照

酷酷的表情~ =X


在中的字体~ =D


很诱惑人呀~ ASDFGHJKL @@

<HAHAHA>的造型~ :D

我的白衣王子~ ^___^

你看,在中有着Cardcapture Sakura的翅膀~~~ >w< hehehe~~~
不由自主地觉得很高兴~~~ C=

November 13, 2011

10026 ^^

First of all, I wanna THANK YOU all of you who had been reading my blog from time to time. It's my pleasure to have you, who really cares about me and what had happen to me in my life, especially my new life in NUC. ^^

Well, my blog now has reaches 10026 views! :DD
Although not a big number as to compare with others, but I am satisfied with myself.

I want to take this opportunity to stress out one point here. This is my blog, a place/platform where I share my deepest feelings which I couldn't express it out in verbal, but only in words.

I truly hope that everything I shared here WILL NOT be told to others, I mean, you don't tell others what you read here, but you can ask them to read on themselves. Can I trust on you? =)

Thank you very much! ^^ Have a good day~

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