February 28, 2018

[Monthly Project] #16 January & February 2018 Empties!!!

Monthly Project (February 2018)

#16 January & February 2018 Empties!!!

Welcome back to another post on my empties. Greetings to you as we are heading into the third month of the year.

To you who are new in my blog, Monthly Project is where I will share a collective products with a specific theme. And most probably you are here because you want to know whether these products (which I am going to share in a minute) are worth buying or not.

Without further explanation, let's get it started!

What you can expect from this post:
  • Products which I have emptied or discarded in the past 2 months.

SON&PARK; 식물나라; Nature Republic; banila co.; ISKIN; elianto; Good Virtues Co.; Mentholatum; IOPE; Etude House; BBIA; Suisse

① SON&PARK's Beauty Water (340ml)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Multi-purpose beauty water (toner and makeup remover) without leaving the skin dry
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? Does it easily replaceable? I think yes. I enjoy the quality and result, but perhaps not repurchasing it in short term.

Sikmulnara(식물나라)'s Oxygen Water Waterproof Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++ (100ml)

(click here for related product review)

Strength(s) : Light-weight spray which it doesn't feel sticky on the skinWeakness(es) : -Final rating : 5 / 5Repurchase/Comment? I am definitely getting it again if going to South Korea!

③ Nature Republic's Whitening & Wrinkle Improvement Ginseng Royal Silk Essence (40ml)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Smooth and rich texture that nourishes the skin almost instantly. Good to apply around the eyes.
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I really enjoy using this all-in-one essence which I think this one product is sufficient for my entire night routine, because of its richness. However, I would love to try out other products for the meantime.

④ banila co.'s it fresh Lip&Eye remover (blue) (100ml)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Quick makeup remover without irritant, especially good on waterproof eye makeup.
Weakness(es) : The press-and-turn cap doesn't work well towards the finishing the product (urgh). It happened twice as I purchased 2 bottles of these makeup removers. It may due to air pressure or something like that. Please do improve!
Final rating : 4 / 5 (because of the malfunction cap, -1, I am so disappointed)
Repurchase/Comment? Not going to for the moment.

⑤ ISKIN's Moisture Defense Serum (30g)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Rich in Hyaluronic Acid (HA), restores moisture almost instantly yet doesn't feel heavy on skin
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4.5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? It is a good quality liquid moisturizer. Perhaps to repurchase, but I still have other products in stock waiting to try on.

⑥ ISKIN's Nourishing Eye Gel (15g)

Strength(s) : Warming effect after application that soothes the muscles around the eyes
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4.5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? Yes, in fact I have restock it. The texture is just nice for beginners who would like to start anti-aging routine.

⑦ elianto's Adore femme Eau De Toilette

Strength(s) : Artistic packaging, sophisticating scent
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I wonder does they still produce this perfume :/ It was my first ever perfume bought. To me, it has a very special meaning.

⑧ Good Virtues Co.'s Radiant & Renewing Anti-Bacterial & Hydrating Shower Cream (80ml/travel size/tester)

Strength(s) : Sweet candy relaxing scent
Weakness(es) : -
Purchase full size product? To me, I am not really particular with body shampoos. As long as it does what it should, I am cool with anything. Whether to buy full size product, I guess it all goes down to price. Would I rush to the store right now to purchase it? No, I don't think so.

⑨ Mentholatum's Maxilip

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Instant moisture coating for chapped lips
Weakness(es) : It works sometimes and sometimes doesn't
Final rating : 2.5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I am not too sure about this product. Anyway I have decided to try on other products, so not going to repurchase anytime soon.

⑩ IOPE's Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning (18ml/tester)

Strength(s) : Skin moisturizing and rejuvenating
Weakness(es) : -
Purchase full size product? I am not too sure about this. It's hard to tell the result in 5 days. Heard a lot of good things about this product, and now they have a renewed formulation. Perhaps would consider to purchase the renewed version.

⑪ Suisse's Cellular Boosting Day Cream SPF30 (2ml/sample)

Strength(s) : Creamy soft pink day cream, good moisturizing power that lasts throughout the day
Weakness(es) : -
Purchase full size product? I am not quite familiar with this brand as this was a gift from colleague. Would love to give it a try if financially approves.

⑫ Etude House's Big Cover Cushion Concealer SPF30 / PA++ (Mint)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Brightening and concealing redness on the skin
Weakness(es) : The sponge applicator broke into pieces and didn't make it to the end
Final rating : 2 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I really like the idea and the whole color correcting concept, but unfortunately it didn't make through. Perhaps a more thicker texture would deliver better than liquid type.

⑬ BBIA's Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (10 Noir & 04 Rose Gold)

Strength(s) : Creamy smooth gliding texture, strong pigmentation
Weakness(es) : Dry out quickly without proper storage
Final rating : 4 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I must confess that I am guilty of ruining these babes. I should've store them properly (avoiding the sun) for longer product life (T.T). Anyway, BBIA still my favourite gel eyeliner go-to brand. Definitely would repurchase.


That's all for now. Thank you for hanging there until the end.

Which of these products you are considering to purchase? Tell me more about it in the comment section below. Let's interact! :D

'Til the next time. Cheers!

[Monthly Project] #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review (Primer, Foundation, Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask)

Monthly Project (February 2018)

#15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review

If you are following my blog, you would be able to tell, I am much on road shops products, simply because they are much affordable. I could try out as much products as I could without much commitments.

So when I got these testers from my sister, I was over the moon! I could try them first before getting to purchase the full size product. That sounds amazing to me.

If you are as excited as I was, keep on reading. ;)

What you can expect from this post:
  • My trial experience (about 2-3 months) on LANEIGE mini testers (Primer, Foundation, Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask).

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review

① LANEIGE's Water Supreme Primer Base SPF15 PA+ No. 60 Light Green (5ml)

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Supreme Primer Base and Foundation

"A primer base with the supple Aqua Texture to smoothen the surface of the skin as moisturizing primer and prepares it for foundation with moisture coating." -LANEIGE.

As you can tell from the photo above, the Water Supreme Primer Base has green watery texture. It looks like it is more watery in texture than the Foundation.

Remember the color correcting theory? Yes, green is used to cancel out redness. On top of that, I think it does improve on brightening up the overall complexion.

From the photos below, you may notice the dark circles under my eye has lighten a bit after application.

Strength(s) : Watery texture earlier for application and blending, pleasant luxury scent.
Weakness(es) : My skin requires more moisture from the primer.
Comment(s) : In terms of smoothing the skin surface for foundation, I don't quite see that.
Purchase full size product? I don't think so. :/

② LANEIGE's Water Supreme Foundation SPF15 PA+ No. 21 Natural Beige (5ml)

"A skin-clarifying foundation with the supple Aqua Texture to enhance moisture clarity of your skin with a supple and refreshing texture. Before use, Shake well." -LANEIGE.

So the Water Supreme Foundation has a thicker consistency as compared to its primer (photo above). Since the packaging is transparent, it is easily to tell the shade. I thought it looks like a red-brownish shade from the packaging, but it turns out to be a very natural beige shade.

As you can tell from the comparison photos above, it does has pretty good coverage in terms of covering that dark circle under my eye.

Strength(s) : Good natural coverage, watery light texture, pleasant luxury scent.
Weakness(es) : The foundation sets a bit slow. It causes creases on my eye lids and around the nose.
Comment(s) : If you wish to have less makeup look, I think it would be a good pick.
Purchase full size product? Perhaps could be considered, but not in need of that at the moment.

③ LANEIGE's Water Sleeping Mask (for all skin types) (15ml)

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask
"SLEEP-TOX™ technology’s purifying effects help to rejuvenate and normalize skin that is often fatigued and sensitized by stress during the day. This helps the skin to achieve a well-rested appearance the next morning. 
MOISTURE WRAP™ helps skin retain moisture throughout the night. 
SLEEPSCENT™ specially developed for Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is an AMOREPACIFIC original, allowing skin to relax and rest and boosting its ability to regenerate." -LANEIGE.

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask

I bet you all aren't stranger to this product right here. At least you would have heard of it. One of LANEIGE's best seller - the Water Sleeping Mask.

Strong reason why it is so popular? Because people see the result on the next morning. I am one of them. I can already see the result while using this small tester.

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask

Take some and apply it on your skin. Observe it quickly melts into a moisture-wrapping layer on top of the skin, without feeling burden on the skin, accompanied with subtle relaxing scent...

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask

For my case, in the nights when I'm super tired or lazy, I will just take some of these sleeping mask, apply it and pop into bed. My skin would looks refresh (not sulky or dull) on the next morning.

Strength(s) : Moisture-wrapping yet not burden on the skin, skin rejuvenate and restore effect.
Weakness(es) : -
Comment(s) : It might be hard to imagine how it works, but yeah, it's quite a go-to sleeping mask.
Purchase full size product? Absolutely yeah! ☺☺☺

④ LANEIGE's Lip Sleeping Mask (3g)

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Lip Sleeping Mask
"A lip sleeping mask that provides smooth firm lips by gently melting away dead skin on the lips overnight." -LANEIGE.

I must confessed that I was uncertain on this lip product at first (I mean, does it work?), but it quickly changed my mind. Okay, I try not to be bias because of this soft lovely pink packaging, but seriously, it's sweet cherry flavour is the real charm!

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Lip Sleeping Mask

It is a balm-type. Use your finger to apply it onto the lips.

Instantly, you can feel like a moisture-coating on the lips. As you can see, it helps to reduce the look of chapped lips. Best part? You are not restricted to use it as a sleeping mask, but you could also use it wherever you wish, be it a lip balm or lip primer.

Strength(s) : Pleasant sweet scent and lip moisturizing effect.
Weakness(es) : It requires consistent usage to see better result.
Comment(s) : Personally I am obsessed with this lip product.
Purchase full size product? I would absolutely consider to.


And that's all for my mini product review on LANEIGE. I am truly grateful to be able to share these with you. If you would like to read more posts like this, do leave a comment below and let's interact! :D

'Til the next time. Cheers!

February 26, 2018

Block B - HER (헐)

From Block B's Album "H.E.R".

February 24, 2018

[Review] I-Mju - Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Hello everyone! :)

Are you surprised? It is the very first time my blog features Japanese skincare products. I have to be honest and upfront with you that I am not familiar with Japanese skincare products, total newbie, but here we are.

Let's do this together!

I remember a chapter from Marketing class last time saying, "the best marketing is word of mouth". It's always more convincing to try a new item when a friend introduces to you, than stumbling into random stuffs in drugstores or online stores.

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner
I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner + Skin Conditioning Gel | 500ml + 180g

Credits to this friend of mine who introduced me to this product line during our recent trip to Hong Kong, as we were shopping in SaSa store. There she goes like, "Remember the mist I showed you earlier? This is it! I think it is really nice. You should try."

I didn't purchase it right away as I have limited luggage space. However, it didn't take me much longer to purchase it when Hermo has replenished their stocks.

Brand and Product Line Information

I-Mju is a subsidiary skincare brand of Naturie. Particularly, the brand commits itself to produce high quality products with minimal impact on the environment, in conjunction of Japan's advanced technology and natural raw material, in respect of our mother nature. (Respect to it's brand motto.) (source)

For instance, I-Mju's Hatomogi product line, which consists of (1) Skin Conditioner and (2) Skin Conditioning Gel, are formulated with Job's tears ("Hatomugi" in Japanese, "薏仁" in Chinese). From its outlook, it is very similar to Barley.

Coix lacryma-jobi | Source : BON APPÉTIT

Job's tear's extract is no stranger in skincare industry. It is said effective in increasing Hyaluronic Acid (HA) production in our skin cells. And HA is well-known as a moisture-binding ingredient that keeps our skin plump and hydrated.

Source: SaSa / SHOP GIRL

As it features natural ingredients, environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness, the product line quickly rise in popularity, and even featured in Cosme as Best of 2016 (Japan's largest beauty and cosmetics portal website).

Personal experience and review

Today we will just look at I-Mju's Skin Conditioner (a.k.a. the toner). Please do follow up on the Skin Conditioning Gel in the coming week.

Speaking from the obvious, it is quite a big bottle (500ml) as compared to usual toner size found in the market. The transparent bottle makes it easy to tell how much product left. It has water-like texture (non-greasy and non-sticky) and milky in color (as shown in photos).

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin ConditionerReview; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Almost everything written on the packaging is in Japanese. I am clueless of what is it about @@. Seriously I won't even keen to understand it, or even purchase it, if it's not because of friend's recommendation. And now, I am thankful because it is a good recommendation.

If you are keen to know its product ingredients, check it here in Skincarisma.

To parts of product description which I can "decode", I am quoting it down here.

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

"Coiz Seed Extract : A secret ingredient that moisturizes your face and body for smooth and beautiful skin." -I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

"无香料.无着色.低刺激性" which means "no fragrance. colorless. low irritant."

To use, simply untwist the cap.

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

There are three (3) advisable ways to use this product, as suggested by SaSa:-

  1. As toner: Apply with cotton pads on a cleansed face;
  2. As mask: Soak 4 cotton pads with lotion and leave on face for 3 mins;
  3. As body care: Apply on skin after bathing.

[updated on 10/3/2018 (Saturday)]
Product highlights (according to I-mju):-

  • A moisturizing and non-sticky lotion that penetrates easily into areas of dry skin.
  • Provides ample moisture to the skin, keeping it smooth and free from roughness.
  • For best results, pour a generous amount of Hatomugi lotion onto cotton pads and apply it as a face mask for approximately 5~10 minutes daily.
  • It soothes the skin after sunburn, and has a cooling and tightening effect.
  • Can be used as a face and body mist.
  • Use generously after a shower or bath by lightly padding it into the skin for moisturizing effect.
  • Fragrance and color free.

I have only tried on by using as a toner, which I am going to demonstrate here. As you can see (below), the cotton pad remains the same color after pouring the Skin Conditioner onto it (circled in red).

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Then I proceed to swipe my face with the damped cotton pad. Here's the result. Dirt are collected on the cotton pad (circled in red).

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Besides the aforementioned ways to use the product, you can also use it as facial mist. An empty mist bottle was a GWP (gift with purchase) when I purchased the Skin Conditioner on Hermo.

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Not too worry, this mist-type bottle can easily be found in convenient stores, i.e. Daiso.  To use, simply fill in the mist bottle, slip it inside your bag and spray whenever needed. It has this mild cooling effect when you spray it onto your skin, which is really refreshing, especially during hot and dry days.

Review; I-Mju's Hatomugi Skin Conditioner


  • Multi-tasking toner;
  • Mild, even for sensitive skin;
  • Cooling effect;
  • No strong and irritating fragrance;
  • Cost-effective.


  • Parabens and Alcohol detected in ingredient list;
  • Very subtle smell which reminds me of Kerosene / Thinner(?).

Overall, I enjoy using this Skin Conditioner as toner alternatively in my morning skincare routine, interchanging with Mamonde's Rose Water Toner. Nothing more, nothing less.

Best part is you can get this value pack (Hatomugi Skin Conditioner + Skin Conditioning Gel) from Hermo for RM68.


Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: Highly recommend for cost effectiveness.

Repurchase: Less likely.

For your reference.


Is this product review helpful?

Leave a simple comment below because I long to hear from you. *^0^*


February 21, 2018

[Review] By Wishtrend - Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask + First Impression

Hello everyone! :)

The product which features today is a sheet mask from By Wishtrend which personally I really wanted to try on for a long time. I can't wait to share with you my first impression and experience after using this sheet mask.

Review; By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask
By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask | 23g / 0.81 oz.

The reason why I'm so hyped up for this sheet mask? Because it contains 11% of Vitamin C extract (Hippophae rhamnoides) and 10.5% of Vitamin E extract (Bosung Camellia sinensis(Green Tea) Leaf), and yeah, it made up to 21.5%, which is the meaning behind the product name.

We all know that Vitamin is good for our body. And your skin needs them too!

Particularly, Vitamin C is famously known effective in skin brightening, whilst Vitamin E is good for wound healing. Both Vitamin C and E are also widely used for its anti-aging function. Basically, all the good stuffs.

I bought one from Hermo for trying purpose, and if it suits my skin, I would consider to buy more. Cause no point of purchasing boxes of sheet masks not knowing whether if it's suitable or effective. (unless you have plenty to spend, of course, no harm c:).

As you can see, it has a very striking orange packaging. You can never missed that one from the shelf, that's for sure. There are a lot of wordings printed there, but they bold those important messages nicely, so that you can tell what's the functions right away.

If you don't need anti-oxidant, skin tone improvement (brightening), skin calming or moisturizing, you can just skip from here. Nah, just kidding. I mean, who doesn't need them? I am seriously envy those who doesn't. :')

Review; By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

Under Wishcompany, there are a list of brands which they have partnership relations, By Wishtrend is one of them. Although Wishcompany is based in South Korea, they are more outward in terms of global marketing. They have YouTube channel where products are introduced in fluent English. I specially adore EuniUnni, she has this vibrant and out-going soul.

Why am I relating all these here? Seriously I am very grateful for a Korean brand product with an eloquent English product description.

Review; By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

Review; By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

"Important Ingredient Percentage: Vitamin C Extract & Vitamin E Extract 21.5% in total. (Vitamin C Extract:  Hippophae Rhamnoides 11%, Vitamin E Extract: Bosung Camellia Green Tea Leaf 10.5%)"

Review; By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

Ready to put on? :D

Review; By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

The first thing I noticed once opened the packet is the texture of the sheet mask itself. I am quite surpised to find it is a bit rough and lack of elasticity, unlike any of those I have tried before. It reminds me of gauze swabs, but of course, nothing quite the same. How should I put that? (sucks in description ><''')

The sheet mask is thin and breathable type. Fully soaked in those brightening and anti-aging goodness.

Review; By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

Okay, roughly in the sense that it doesn't cling perfectly onto the skin. There is this stubbornness in it's making. Cause usually if it is made of cotton, it is able to stretch or overlap easily. I do not know what this sheet mask is made of, no info on that.


  • Mild on the skin (no breakouts on the next day);
  • Calms the skin (less redness on the next day);
  • No fragrance.


  • The texture of the sheet mask.

Since this is just a trial pack (for myself), I can't really tell the effect on brightening or anti-aging effect. At least I need to try for 5 days continuously in order to tell. Anyway. What I really admire, from the sheet mask, is that it doesn't contain fragrance. Often I find it annoying to find a good sheet mask that has funny artificial fragrance. :/ At least based on this point, I am thinking to repurchase this sheet mask and give it a longer observation.

This product is available on Wishtrend and Hermo.


Rating: - First impression, won't rate. -

Recommend: If you prefer fragrance-free sheet mask, definitely give it a try!

Repurchase: Yes.

For your reference.


Is this product review helpful?

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