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About Sakura / Hyeon

Hello everyone! *^^*

I’m Sakura, a 90s millennial who’s constantly figuring out what's life's up for her.
Born and raised in Kota Kinabalu.

Having the passion of trying new stuffs, but at the same time afraid of doing so.
It's a complicated life, I won't deny.

When I’m not writing, mostly likely I would be binge-watching dramas or daydreaming.

Started blogging since year 2010. But then I was just writing random stuffs and things happening around me at that moment of time. It was until year 2016 when I started to blog on beauty-related stuff consistently, to pen my journey in trying out various products and also a "valid" reason (for me) to keep on buying new stuffs (what a shopaholic!! heh).

If you are a beauty cheap skate, I will be your soulmate! :D

I hope you enjoy what you read. Do stay and have a look around!

*Disclaimer: All the products I have been introducing in my blog are all purchased with my own money (otherwise stated). I am of combination skin type: oily on the T-zone and dry on the U-zone. The products I shared might do wonders for my case, but the result could differ according to individuals. Just bear in mind. Do your own research and purchase whenever you see fit.*

Other side of me (SIDE B)

Besides blogging, I will spend most of my time doing song covers
(mostly rapping 'cos I don't know how to sing :p).
Kpop, Jazz to Acoustic are a couple of genre I enjoy.

Please do check out my SoundCloud Channels; They are linked here and here.

Stay connected!

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I am the sole contributor to this blog.

As a lifestyle blogger, I'm very much interested in beauty products, travel and music,
which contributes to the 3 main categories of this blog:
Hyeon's Beauty Diary // Hyeon's Travel Journal // Hyeon's Music

Starting from August 2019, soulmatehyeon archives an average of 20,000 monthly page views.
(thanks for your support!!!)

For business inquiries, kindly contact me via email hellosoulmatehyeon@gmail.com

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