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About Sakura / Hyeon

Hello everyone! *^^*

I’m Sakura, a 90s millennial who’s constantly figuring out what's up for my life.
Born and raised up in Kota Kinabalu; major in Accounting and Finance.
Started showing interest in beauty stuffs during university days, thanks to a friend.

Have a heart of trying new stuffs, but at the same time afraid of doing so.
It's a complicated life, I won't deny.

When I’m not writing, mostly likely I would be binge-watching dramas or playing mobile games.

Started blogging since year 2010. But then I was just writing random stuffs and things happening around me at that moment of time. It was until year 2016 when I started to blog on beauty-related stuff consistently, to pen my journey in trying out various products and also a "valid" reason (for me) to keep on buying new stuffs (what a shopaholic!! heh).

If you are a beauty cheap skate, I will be your soulmate! :D

I hope you enjoy what you read. Do stay and have a look around!

*Disclaimer: All the products I have been introducing in my blog are all purchased with my own money (otherwise stated). I am of combination skin type: oily on the T-zone and dry on the U-zone. The products I shared might do wonders for my case, but the result could differ according to individuals. Just bear in mind. Do your own research and purchase whenever you see fit.*

Other side of me (SIDE B)

Besides blogging, I will spend most of my time doing song covers (mostly rapping 'cos I don't know how to sing :p). My favourite song genre varies from Kpop, Indie to Acoustic. 

Please do check out my SoundCloud Channels; They are linked here and here.

Stay connected!

Instagram @soulmatehyeon
Facebook @soulmatehyeon


I am the sole contributor to this blog.
As a lifestyle blogger, I'm very much interested in beauty products, travel and music,
which contributes to the 3 main categories of this blog:
Hyeon's Beauty Diary // Hyeon's Travel Journal // Hyeon's Music

Starting from August 2019, soulmatehyeon archives an average of 20,000 monthly page views.
(thanks for your support!!!)

For business inquiries, kindly contact me via email hellosoulmatehyeon@gmail.com

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