November 21, 2014

HyoEun's List - KPOP Male Rappers + Song Recommendations

안녕하세요! ^^

Recently I watched videos where they share their own favourite KPOP rappers
And I thought of doing the same too :D

Since everyone has their own taste in music
I won't judge

Here I'm going to share to you some of my favourite KPOP male rappers (REAL rappers!)
Just to name a few...

Feel free to click and play the music.
(For better understanding purpose, I've tried to share videos with English Subs.)

Let's start the rap party! *^^*

P/S: Purely for sharing purpose.

Tablo & Mithra (Epik High)

One of the legends. A song that tells us not to forget our dream.
Rap doesn't always goes with hard beat and gangsta.
It can be as lively as it could be.
Epik High proves it possible. :)

Tablo & Mithra (Epik High) / Beenzino / Verbal Jint / Mino (WINNER) / B.I & Bobby (iKON)

A song that gathered 7 cool rappers.
Without losing each of their rapping style, the song was performed epik-ly gooood.
Way to go! Show 'em the real rap thing!!

Gary (Leessang)

Not to forget, another Hip Hop Legend (I would say so)... Leessang
The duo started to gain increasingly attention and popularity ever since Gary (lead rapper) starred in the K-Industry well-known tv variety show - Running Man
They may not like other KPOP male idol groups always on the tv, but their musics are good!
Besides of Gary's recognizable voice, his rapping sounds so naturally like he is talking to you.
<Poison Gas> (or Malice), is one of my favourite songs from them..
It gets addictive once I listened to it... not sure does it goes same to you?

MC Mong

Another KPOP industry sunbae (or senior).
The music he made have this... I don't know how to explain... something like hidden attractiveness that people tend to click the replay button, over and over again
I choose a recent song of his - Miss Me or Diss Me
And I think you would be able to get me after you listen to it.

Mad Clown

Honestly, I don't know much about Mad Clown before his collaboration with Soyou (the girl in the picture above; a member of girl group - SISTAR)
He has his own style of rapping which I find it interesting and enjoyable
Even his live performance sounded just the same as the recording!
p/s: he has a cute look with the round specs.. but don't underestimate him

G-Dragon (BIG BANG)

What should I say?
I mean, its obvious.
The icon of KPOP industry.
It's hard for me to choose one song from him which I like the most. So I chose one each from his two albums. Also his title songs.
Not to forget <This Love> <Breathe> <Crayon> <Crooked> <Who You> <Coup D'etat>
... and more!
The beats are very addictive!

Yong Jun Hyung (BEAST)

When you talk about KPOP rapper, how can you possibly not to put him into the list?
His rap lines may seems simple or easy to understand, but how about matching it with the rhythm?
How you present your lines, conveying your message to the listeners are more important, I think.
He is also the music producer for his group - BEAST... which I admire his talent a lot
p/s: do you realize their songs always hit onto the top of music chart?

Zico / Park Kyung / P.O (Block B)

Left to right: Kyung, Zico, P.O

From the group name itself you would understand their music concept.
Hip Hop. Rap. Gangsta. Boys behind the block.
Well three of them don't really debut as a sub-unit group (the rapper line), so in order to show you their rapping, I found this video.
Honestly I just only listened to this song few minutes ago before writing this post.
Free and easy rapping, ... I like it!
Check out their Block B songs: <Nanlina> <Nilini Mambo> <Jackpot>

Bang Yong Guk / Zelo (B.A.P)

Bang Yong Guk's charismatic and magnetic voice - Zelo's crazy fast rapping
Girls just like it! *~*
Check out their B.A.P songs: <Warrior> <Power> <One Shot>

Rap Monster /SUGA / J-Hope (BTS)

BangTan (means, Bulletproof)
One of the few idol groups that claimed to be a Hip-Hop concept group
A little facts about the rapper line (Rap Monster, SUGA, J-Hope)...
They actually write rap lyrics for their own part, everytime (not like some other groups which only know how to sing/rap, but they don't know anything about expressing themselves individually)
And SUGA is one of the music producers for his own group
Very talented group, don't you agree?
(I know it sounded a bit bias... err... can't help :p )

Short caption on the video clips:

Video 1: 'Satoori' basically means 'dialect' in Korean. SUGA and J-Hope are actually rap in their own mother tongue, which it sounded much different from the proper/official Korean pronunciation, which was later done by RM.
Video 2: Heard of Eminem's cypher before? Well.. basically that's the concept. Currently there are three cyphers performed by the boys. Part 1, 2, 3. Particularly, I like Pt. 2 the most! :D

Ilhoon (BTOB)

His name is ilhoon, with an "i" in the front
Relatively young rapper in the KPOP music industry
But he has his unique rapping skills
Young, yet sounded mature
Btw, do you think his voice sounds like another guy?
Hint: A guy who was mentioned earlier in this post...
Check out BTOB songs: <WOW> <Irresistible Lips> <Second Confession> 

And its the end of today's sharing session :'(

Wait a minute!!

DID you just scroll from up to down, glancing through? :O
COME ON... Click into one of it and give it a try ;)
And who knows, you actually would enjoy it.

To re-emphasize, the aritists and songs above are just my favourites and recommendation to you.
Yet there are many more talented artists out there, I admit

Hope you have a good time :D

'Til the next time~

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