July 31, 2018

[Monthly Project] #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel ๐Ÿ˜‡

Monthly Project (July 2018)

#21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel ๐Ÿ˜‡

July has been a thrilling month for me. Truly blessed (thank God!!!).

On 22nd July 2018, I received my first ever blogger mail, and it's none other than Althea Korea. I can still remember the excitement when I was chosen as their Blogger of the Month last April. (big shout out to Althea Korea,,, you're my STAR!!!)

What you can expect from this post:
  • Unboxing and sneak-peek of what's in the first Althea Angel box;
  • Exclusive pass to learn about the upcoming new products - Althea x Get It Beauty.

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel

July 30, 2018

[Restaurant] Lunch @ Dragon Palace Sabah - Seafood & Dim Sum

Hello there!

It's another food diary.
(If that's what you expect, read on ^0^)

July 28, 2018

[Review] Hoyu Beautylabo - Whip Hair Color (Maple Brown) + First Impression

Hello everyone! :)

This is the very first time I share on hair color product. Also this is my first time trying out hair color product from Hoyu Beautylabo.

Its always intimidating when choosing hair color product. The very reason is because we do not know whether it works on our hair, would the color turned out well... etc.

If you're interested to purchase from Hoyu Beautylabo, hope it serves as a good read. :)

Review; Hoyu Beautylabo's Whip Hair Color (Maple Brown) + First Impression
Hoyu Beautylabo's Whip Hair Color (Maple Brown)

July 26, 2018

June 16 First Try Regiustea @ Plaza 333

Hello there!

Oh boy, I really can't catch up with the rising of cafes in Kota Kinabalu now!

One thing for sure, I don't want to miss out from the cheese-topping-drink hype.


Regiustea @ Plaza 333

July 25, 2018

[Review] My Beauty - Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask

Hello everyone! :)

Remember My Product Co. who sponsored 4,000 pieces of My Beauty masks to The Butterfly Project??

There are 3 different sheet masks given. Last week was on Rice Sheet Mask. If you missed it, check it out here.

In continuation, I'm going to share with you my experience while using their Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask.

This is so much different from the usual cotton sheet mask we use. Why? Because it is made of hydrogel~

What exactly is a hydrogel mask?

Scroll to read more~ :D

Review; My Beauty's Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask
My Beauty's Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask | 30g

[Review] My Beauty - Rice Sheet Mask + First Impresion

Hello everyone! :)

I'm so thrilled to pen this blog post because this is my FIRST TIME EVER being sponsored for FREE SHEET MASK!!! (Omgeeee!!!)

Thanks to The Butterfly Project, a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia, for this opportunity!! You outta check out their website and subsribe if you haven't. There are fun and exciting stuffs on-going constantly.

Also, a big thank you to My Product Co. for sponsoring 4,000 pieces of My Beauty masks (soooo generous!) for we Butterflies to try on!!

Review; My Beauty's Rice Sheet Mask + First Impression
My Beauty's Rice Sheet Mask | 25g

July 21, 2018

[Review] CP-1 - Scalp Tincture Head Spa

Hello everyone! :)

Have you check out my previous hair product review? If you missed it, click the link here since we are dedicating this whole month of July to talk about hair products ONLY.

I am bring another product review on CP-1 today, featuring the Scalp Tincture Head Spa.

Wait..what exactly is that?

Review; CP-1's Scalp Tincture Head Spa
CP-1's Scalp Tincture Head Spa | ์”จํ”ผ-์› ๋‘ํ”ผ ์ „์šฉ ํŒ…์ฒ˜ | 100ml

Keep reading to understand more about this Summer and Hot Days Essential. :D

July 14, 2018

[Review] CP-1 - Premium Silk Ampoule

Hello everyone! :)

Do you long to have hair salon treatment without feeling sorry for our dompet (purse in Malay)?

In conjunction with the theme of the month, I am going to share with you a super affordable remedy for frizzy hair. They said, this is equivalent to having celebrity hair treatment!

Is it true? Let's find out! :D

Review; CP-1's Premium Silk Ampoule
CP-1's Premium Silk Ampoule | ์”จํ”ผ-์› ํ”„๋ฆฌ๋ฏธ์—„ ์‹คํฌ ์•ฐํ”Œ | 20 ml

July 11, 2018

[Review] Jayjun Cosmetic - Baby Pure Shining Mask

Hello everyone! :)

Let's take skin moisturization to the next level. These days I really can feel and tell the difference when my skin is deeply moist and not.

You will be surprised if I say my pores shrink overnight just because I took a step up on the moisturizing game.

Sheet masks readily offer sufficient moisturization for those who are in a hurry. But for those of you have dry skin or you wish for deep and intensive moisturization, those might be still lacking.

Talking about that, I do have a sheet mask to recommend for those who fall in the above criteria. ;)

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask
Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask | 25ml

July 7, 2018

[Review] Ryo - Damage Care Shampoo

Hello everyone! :)

I have decided to dedicate this July focusing on hair products. Do stay tuned for more updates!! :D

To kick start, I am going to share with you my current hair shampoo from Ryo.

Review; Ryo's Damage Care Shampoo
Ryo's Damage Care Shampoo | ๋ ค ํ•จ๋น› ๊ทน์†์ƒ์ผ€์–ด ์ƒดํ‘ธ | 450g

July 4, 2018

[Review] Pure Smile - Aroma Flower Essence Mask Chamomile + First Impression

Hello everyone! :)

It's another Wednesday Sheet Mask review!!

How are you all doing with your skincare routine lately? If you are feeling dull and lack of interest in doing skincare routine, why not do something different once in a while? :p

I like flowers. Let's go for flower sheet mask for once? :D I'm excited right now!

Review; Pure Smile's Aroma Flower Essence Mask - Chamomile
Pure Smile's Aroma Flower Essence Mask - Chamomile | 23ml

July 3, 2018

Sophisticated Red Look











Featured products:


PONY EFFECT's Seamless Foundation SPF30 PA++ Natural Ivory


The Saem's Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 01 Clear Beige



MISSHA's Modern Shadow Italprism No.1 Lace Shirring



Benefit Cosmetics' Dandelion Finishing Powder



PONY EFFECT's Nice Shading #Crony



A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil Red Brown



MISSHA's Modern Shadow MCR02 Carrot Pie



Mistine's Ultimate Maximum Black Eyeliner


Finishing Powder

PONY EFFECT's Cover Fit Powder Foundation SPF40 PA+++ Natural Ivory



A'PIEU's True Matte Lip Stick RD03 Hailey




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July 1, 2018

July 1 Half Time Call / Recently

Heyya! Welcome back to my blog! :')

Honestly I am just hoping that you guys are still with me at this point. Or rather, when you click into my blog, you can rest assured that I am still updating and maintaining this site (as much as possible that I could).

I have to apology on the post delay recently. I must confess, I hadn't have much time these days; juggling between work and my passion (blogging and covering songs).

(negativity alert)

Work has become a taxing job for me for the past month, having said that both human resource and company are undergoing a restructuring process.

If you are curious what kind of job I am doing, it has been all the while Accounting-related (because that's what I major in precisely). And it is no secret that I am having this struggle between "should I do what I major" or "should I do what I interest". It's like a tug-of-war happening inside me for the past 2 years.

Instead of finding a solution to deal with it, I was rather hitting around the bush, hoping that I will be lucky enough to hit something "big" one day. Obviously, that's hopeless.

Yes, ignoring it doesn't solve the problem. It just bottled up, until the point when I look back now, I don't know what's the point of doing.

Working, having classes and blogging do not make good friends. At least not for people who is poor in time management (...that's me). Let's be honest.

It is a mess. I don't like who I am right now. I am not satisfied where I am right now.

What should I do to turn the table over? Some thoughts going through my mind, but honestly I don't think I have the courage and motivation to keep pushing on.

Half time call rings. We should all take a break.

I am just trying to imagine there is a "refresh" button, and I will be fine after hitting that button. :')


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