September 7, 2015

[Review] Innisfree - it's real squeeze mask Aloe

Name: Innisfree - Aloe

Price range: Around RM4

Functions: Moisturizing, water-boost

Review: Once I opened the packet, I can smell a light yet pleasant plant scent. Guess this is the trademark of Innisfree - the scent of nature. It is very soothing. I would say it could be perfect after a 
long day under the sun. When it comes to facial masks, I would highly recommend Innisfree to my friends and family.

Available at Innisfree outlets.

September 2, 2015

[Review] Mentholatum Maxilip

Product: Mentholatum Maxilip

Function: Lip care, moisturizing. Good for crack-lips.

Color: None.

Price range: Around RM18.90

Review: I love this product straight on-the-spot! It serves as lip balm and gives long lasting lip moisturizing. I was having severe crack-lip lately, and once I start applying this, I could observe the result within hours. Now my crack-lip has improved alot. No more dried lip skin peeling off :DD

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