September 7, 2015

[Review] Innisfree - it's real squeeze mask Aloe

Name: Innisfree - Aloe

Price range: Around RM4

Functions: Moisturizing, water-boost

Review: Once I opened the packet, I can smell a light yet pleasant plant scent. Guess this is the trademark of Innisfree - the scent of nature. It is very soothing. I would say it could be perfect after a 
long day under the sun. When it comes to facial masks, I would highly recommend Innisfree to my friends and family.

Available at Innisfree outlets.

September 2, 2015

September 2 小资女孩向前冲

星期三 因为有你们而不一样~
今天因为巧虹和立强,我的愿望也实现了~! (没有遗憾了~开玩笑啦~)
其实巧虹今天来是因为参加公司面试。刚好面试的公司就在我上班楼15分钟的距离。她就提议我们一起吃个饭 (太感动了~~)
更加令人意想不到的是,她在整理文件时,意外发现某信封里放着十几块的现金!!! 原来是之前领的奖学金啊!!! (我晕) 她兴奋地决定请吃午餐 (实在太高兴了~)
特别为两位介绍我们办公楼附近便宜又好吃的猪肉粉。一份才5块钱。价钱公道。重要是好吃! (让两位体验一下下小资的生活 呵呵)
话说今天一早开始就做事不顺利 (公司的复印机跟我闹脾气,浪费了很多纸)。。但是这样的一个小聚会就点亮了我的一天~ (各位 幸福是可以很简单滴) 可能是我个人啦。比较容易满足 (有么?有么?)
p/s: 我还真没想到立强在自拍时那么在意脸大脸小的问题呢 o.o 那不是女人们之间在意的事么?怎么男生也开始了?呵呵 有趣

[Review] Mentholatum Maxilip

Product: Mentholatum Maxilip

Function: Lip care, moisturizing. Good for crack-lips.

Color: None.

Price range: Around RM18.90

Review: I love this product straight on-the-spot! It serves as lip balm and gives long lasting lip moisturizing. I was having severe crack-lip lately, and once I start applying this, I could observe the result within hours. Now my crack-lip has improved alot. No more dried lip skin peeling off :DD

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