December 22, 2019

[Event] Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party @ KAKIYUKI, 163 Retail Park

こんにちは Konnichiwa! 🤗

Why do I greet you in Japanese today?

As you can read from the my title, today I will be taking you to the Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party we had at KAKIYUKI earlier this December.

Event; Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party; KAKIYUKI

I'm sure you heard of Dolly Wink's false eyelashes before. The brand belongs to the Koji-Honpo branding umbrella, and it kinda setting the benchmark for all Japanese beauty brand who makes falsies. If you don't know, now you know. 😉

Before we go into more details, I would like to thank The Butterfly Project for organizing this event. Special thanks to our Mamasan, Tammy - the lady behind The Butterfly Project! ❤

Without further ado, come follow my camera lens and I'll show you around.

December 6, 2019

Jessi (제시) - Who Dat B

From Jessi's Single "Who Dat B".

(Available in Korean and English CC)

November 25, 2019

[Event] Butterfly X AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop 🦋🧘🏻‍♀️

Hello everyone!

Rewind back to 2 weeks earlier when I attended the Butterfly Project X AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop

photo credit to fishmeatdie

In this post, I will be covering the event run down and (the highlight, of course) the steps of Beauty Ritual.

Continue reading to find out more!

November 24, 2019


From MAMAMOO's 2nd Full Album "Reality in BLACK".

(Available in Korean and English CC.)

November 9, 2019

[Review] Common Labs Ggultamin Real Jel Mask Vitamin C

Hello everyone! :)

This is not the first time I'm writing product review from Common Labs (read here). I am very impressed with its gel essence which is perfect for an intense moisture quench for the skin.

soulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin c

What product is this?

Common Labs' Ggultamin C Real Jel Mask is a 2-step skincare - it comes with a peeling pad for exfoliation and a sheet mask for skin brightening.

What are the key ingredients and their functions?

Propolis extract helps to improve skin hydration and skin barrier.

Vitamin C derivatives for skin brightening and antioxidant.

Niacinamide to strengthen skin barrier and help balance oil production.

Centella Asiatica extract soothes and promotes wound healing.

Source : SkinCharisma


It comes with a good quality paper-like texture packaging - which gives a good impression (for me personally).

soulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin c

soulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin c

Product description is available in both Korean and English - user friendly.

Texture and Scent

The sheet mask itself is made of Cupra sheet - microfiber around cottonseeds which provides a very soft texture and breathable texture. It also holds the brightening jelly essence more effectively.

soulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin c

It doesn't have significant or striking scent.


Wash your face and apply toner. Remove the Peeling Pad from the pouch and gentle swipe it across your face.

soulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin csoulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin csoulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin csoulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin c

Then remove sheet mask from the pouch and gently unfold. Place mask onto the face and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove and pat in the remaining essence for better skin absorption. Proceed with the rest of your PM skincare routine.

Here's how I incorporate this 2-step skincare into my night routine.

PM routine:

Makeup remover > Cleanser > Peeling Pad hereSheet Mask here > Eye Cream

Personal Experience

Despite this is not my first time using sheet mask from the series, I'm still amazed with its gel essence. No doubt it's so rich in hydration! Perfect for travelling because the air is usually very dry in the hotel room.

soulmatehyeon; common labs ggultamin real jel masks vitamin c

To be honest, I can't say much on its brightening effect since I am not using it consistently.

Where to purchase?

This product has repackaged and you may find it on Hermo for RM45/5pcs.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: For all skin types, preferably dry and matured skin.

Repurchase: High possibility.

For your reference.


Is this product review helpful?

Leave a simple comment below because I long to hear from you. 🌹

November 2, 2019

[Restaurant] Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

Hello everybody!
Just touched down in Kuala Lumpur, and was brought here by my friend for a late night dinner.

Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

- Address : Lot 19, Jalan PPU 2A, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
- Operating Hours : 11AM - 12AM
- Phone : 03-8068 9919

Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

I was caught in amazement when we walked into the restaurant.
It is decorated with racks of red wine bottles and the unique green lime lighting surely creates a laid-back hippy atmosphere.

Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

Also they decorated the entire ceiling with hanging artificial plants, makes you feel like walking into an indoor magical garden.

Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

In terms of food choice, you can get both Asian and Western cuisine here.
And you know me, can't say 'no' to pasta.

Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

I ordered Smoked Salmon Pasta.
Honestly, I have high expectation on their food since they put extra effort on setting the atmosphere.
For me, the pasta is too salty / savoury where it overlaps the salmon taste.
Serving portion is small considered it's pricing.
Truly, not the best pasta I had. :')

Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

Nevertheless, it won't stop me from revisiting this restaurant because I really enjoy the dining atmosphere where there will be live jamming / singing on the weekends.

Late Night Dinner @ Odette Music Restaurant & Bar

November 1, 2019

Heize (헤이즈) - We Don't Talk Together (feat. 기리보이 Giriboy)

From Heize's Single Album "We Don't Talk Together" (Prod. by SUGA).

October 19, 2019 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Oct 19 Birthday Dinner @ Adelphi & Co.

Hello October!
And we are the October babies.. mum and I.

Thanks to our beloved only man in the family (a.k.a. my dad),
we are celebrating our birthday at Adelphi & Co,
a really really atas place to have really really good steak.

Not gonna lie, this is not a dining place that I can afford, not even on a monthly basis..

Thanks dad for the premium experience. :3

Okay, not only for me lah, mainly for my mum as beef is her favourite.
C'mon, we are here for some serious good premium juicy beef (oh yeahhh).

If you know little (to nothing) about beef (that's me),
better ask for the waiter to explain the menu.
Their service is professional and the staffs are patient in explaining the menu.

Is it a rib-eye or striploin that my parents had ordered?
Geez, I have no idea.

One thing for sure, THE BEEF IS SO GOOOD!

My parents requested the beef to be cooked medium to well-done.
It might looked a bit dry (crispy) on the outer crust,
but oh dear, tender juicy on the inside.

Geez, why I didn't take photo of the inside... (blaming myself silently)

Oh, speaking of surprise element,
you know what has blown my taste bud?

Have you had foie gras (a.k.a. the liver of a duck or goose)?



The taste reminds me a bit of the fatty layer of pork meat,
but the texture is nothing like that.
So soft, tender and full of flavour.

Actually I'm more of a pasta-lover.
I ordered Truffle & Bacom Pappadelle,
which is served with wild mushroom, Parmigiano, 63 degree egg.

To ensure the freshness and the quality of the pasta,
they make their own pasta from scratch, freshly everyday.
If you appreciate good pastas, this is the right place.

The pasta is rich in flavours, and yet not overwhelming.

I would say it was taste-satisfying high-end restaurant dining experience here in Adelphi & Co.
Excellent food and service in overall.

Worth it or not?
It really depends on the willingness of you spending on some really good food.

Thanks dad for bringing us here tonight! Awesome dinner.
I won't be able to have this kind of premium experience without you..
(plainly because I can't afford to in my current situation lol)

Mum, I hope you enjoyed the food. Happy birthday to you!Love you always:3

October 12, 2019













spoiler alert.


















take care and till the next time. cheers :)

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