December 22, 2019

[Event] Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party @ KAKIYUKI, 163 Retail Park

こんにちは Konnichiwa! 🤗

Why do I greet you in Japanese today?

As you can read from the my title, today I will be taking you to the Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party we had at KAKIYUKI earlier this December.

Event; Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party; KAKIYUKI

I'm sure you heard of Dolly Wink's false eyelashes before. The brand belongs to the Koji-Honpo branding umbrella, and it kinda setting the benchmark for all Japanese beauty brand who makes falsies. If you don't know, now you know. 😉

Before we go into more details, I would like to thank The Butterfly Project for organizing this event. Special thanks to our Mamasan, Tammy - the lady behind The Butterfly Project! ❤

Without further ado, come follow my camera lens and I'll show you around.

December 6, 2019

Jessi (제시) - Who Dat B

From Jessi's Single "Who Dat B".

(Available in Korean and English CC)

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