July 7, 2018

[Review] Ryo - Damage Care Shampoo

Hello everyone! :)

I have decided to dedicate this July focusing on hair products. Do stay tuned for more updates!! :D

To kick start, I am going to share with you my current hair shampoo from Ryo.

Review; Ryo's Damage Care Shampoo
Ryo's Damage Care Shampoo | 려 함빛 극손상케어 샴푸 | 450g

Since I have dyed my hair, they (my hair) definitely need extra love and care. I always go for damage hair series also for this very reason.

Ryo's hair products are really popular among bloggers. Particularly most of them hyped up for this very damage care shampoo.

Although it has been sometime since the hype, does it still have the juice? Let's check it out~

Review; Ryo's Damage Care Shampoo

This brand is distributed under Amore Pacific, a k-beauty and cosmetics conglomerate in South Korea. Basically the product description is all in Korean and I hardly understand what it says. 

Three take-away points:
  1. Makes your hair healthy and shiny;
  2. Reduce hair tangle; and
  3. Reduce hair static.

The shampoo comes in a sturdy plastic packaging and with pump head. They also provide a pump-stopper, which will become handy if you are bringing for travel purpose (not shown here).

Now I am just showing you how a pump looks like (as below).

Review; Ryo's Damage Care Shampoo

The shampoo itself appears in opaque brown. Specifically, its scent caught me in big surprise on my first use. The scent of ginseng is really pungent~! Korean traditional hair treatment is the real deal~! (BAAAM XD) I mean, compared to the usual citrus hair product smell, this is something new for me. It really stood out from the other products, oh that's for sure! :D

Now I am going to demonstrate with half of my hair dampen (as below).

I have tried shampoos that are more lather and create more bubbles than this one, but that's not what really matters, for me.

Due to hair dye, not only my hair is dry and dull, but also it leads to hair fall problem. (of course there are other reasons which led to hair fall problems)

For me, I am looking for a shampoo that cleans the oil and dirt, and at the same time, improves my hair condition. :')

I read online some says their hair fall problem has improved since they started to use this shampoo. Well for my case, I didn't notice significant improvement, but I really want to give credits for it is gentle on the scalp and the hair.

when the hair is still wet

when the hair is dry

As you can see above, my hair still looks dry and messy (at the bottom towards the end part), but they definitely look more shiny and bouncy after hair wash.

I bought this shampoo from Hermo for RM29++ and have been using it for half a year by now.

If you haven't try this shampoo, personally I think it is no harm trying it (considering there are so many positive reviews online), for the sake of trying stuffs. Besides, it is rather affordable too, considering the product size and etc.


Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Affordable decent hair shampoo.

Repurchase: Probably from the same brand, but different series.

For your reference.


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  1. I’ve been curious about this brand of shampoo but never got the chance to try as it keeps on OOS on Hermo. Sigh. Guess this isn’t for you. Well, there are other variants to try!


    1. I can't wait for Pantene's Micellar Shampoo & Conditioner to made available in Malaysia! Fixing my eyes on it... (LOL)


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