April 30, 2015

BTS - 핸드폰좀 꺼줄래 (Can You Turn Off Your Phone)

From BTS' Album "Dark&Wild".

First upload in da new year 2015 ^^ Please do cherish the time you spend with your friends/family. Don't take selca of yourself or with your meals, take it together with your friends! Most of all, please turn off your phone ma friend ;)

Background vocals: BTS

CR: Big Hit Entertainment, BTS, Pdogg and all the right owners.
All right reserved. I make no profit of this fan-made cover.

["Can You Turn Off Your Phone" English Lyrics Translation]

#Would you turn off your cellphone
Although everyone’s ‘smart’
We’re gradually becoming dumber
Would you turn off your cellphone
Look at my face and send a mention
I don’t need a ‘LIKE’

You said you’re going to the bathroom through your phone
That's somewhat sense of humor and you slightly laugh about it
I don’t find it funny at all
You, who I saw in months
How come you gained popularity suddenly?
Did you win the lottery?

What do you mean the lottery? Focus yourself!
You changed to a new phone, my friend
This is the information age, as you probably know
Over half of citizens of Republic of Korea are the smart 21st century
Talking while looking at each other’s faces is a story that happened a long time ago

Long time no see, so why are we fighting like this again
Phone? Let's have a meal first
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"Your new phone is regrettable."
"I don’t want to be like Youngsoo who went to the army.."
Please come true, magic
"Where do you want to go?" "Ah, I want to go there."
"I think this place is the best hotspot."
"What are we going to do after eating? Let’s not go to the boring PC room."
No, wait, when someone's talking, would you please just...

# Chorus 1

*You unlock it with a slide, you unlock it with a slide
I hated it your (‘tak’)
I hated it your (‘shoong’)
You unlock it with a slide, you unlock it with a slide
Click it, your (snap snap)
Click it, your (snap)

Do you eat food with you eyes?
Could you not take pictures like some childish girls?
I’m losing my appetite
You’re probably busy updating Facebook or Tweeting again
Life is 3D
Tweet at me while looking at my face

Tweet tweet, you tap tap and Kekek
Rice are dropping out and hitting your phone hundred times
That's right, please focus yourself, can you hear me
While your phone can be charged when it is out of battery, do you think our friendship can be recharged?

Would you turn off your cellphone
Or put it in your pocket
Although recently everyone has become smart and the generation has become better, it’s two times faster
I miss it sometimes, the times where we would look at each other’s faces and share a conversation
Although our amount of conversing has increasing,
there’s only a loud silence between us

# Chorus 1

Messages and selcas, I don’t need it all
Neither do I care of cellphones or food, I came to see you
This really isn’t right
What kind of relationship are we having?
Even just a simple laugh, we were truly happy after all

#Chorus 1

*Chorus 2

Credit English Lyrics Translation to btsdiary.wordpress.com and Sakura H.E

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