May 17, 2011

In my room.. =)

To my dearest sisters:

I am sorry about my lateness for uploading the photos of my room.
Here, come let me show you now~ 8)

Pink wall, air-conditioned, TVXQ!'s poster, bed, bible, Huihui, Meimei and new comer --- Panda!

 My bed (there are 3 drawers which I put my clothes in it now) Thanks to Mean2 for the cute bed sheet!


Cupboard, mirror, 2PM's poster and broom. 

Pigeon hole (bags, textbooks, foods, mineral waters, shoes) and buckets.

Study desk (with two drawers) and my breakfast on it..  [i took this photo this morning] =P

A board to pin notices/documents, sofa, and beside it is my desk AGAIN. =P

It is a premium room (the most expensive one in our uni), it is also known as Apartment, not hostel. ==

What is the differences  between apartment and hostel?
1. Apartment rooms got air-cons.
2. Apartment rooms got sofas.
3. Apartment rooms are well-furnished. (pink/apple-green)
4. Apartment rooms' beds are made of wood. (quite nice)
5. The living room of apartment has sofas.
6. Apartment block is much more nearer to the lecturer class and the canteen than hostel.

Lucky me ah.. ;) hehe..
Next time when you girls have school holidays, come here to visit me and I will bring you up to my room. :) Promise~ ^.<

Miin2, don't give yourself too much pressure. You can do it! + you~ =D
Mean2, study hard ya ;) don't play with your phone every time.. keke~ XP

Bye now.

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