October 16, 2015

October 16

So my days of enjoying my parents' money has begun. (Ops, or should I say, the days of being unemployed) :/

First, I started with helping in minor chores. Then playing mahjong with grandma and ma. And dad asks to assist with some admin works. ... life couldn't be more simpler than this.

What bothers me is what am I going to do in the future. What's next? This question keeps popping in my head. What do I want to achieve in my life? What I want to become as? I can't just live like that. No. I must have a plan. A holistic plan.

What I am afraid the most currently? The loss of momentum in life. The urge of wanting to achieve something must not fade away. Keep it going. This is how I know I'm alive.

I've caught you in another serious thought again. Ha! :D Anyways.

To end this, lemme share the photo of the day : "[Caption] Can I eat it now?"  (Caught in red-handed)

October 9, 2015

[Tutorial] Basic Eye Make-Up #1

Today I'm gonna show you how to do a basic eye make-up :)
This is a routine which I almost do it everyday, for almost every occasion, simply because it is easy yet not failing to look professional.

Here we go :D

So I'm going to use these two products (as shown below) for this tutorial:
KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-2 & Etude House Oh~ M' Eye Line 03 Oh~ My Brown

Tip #1 :: Always apply eye shadow from the lightest shade to the darkest shade :: Reason is the same as painting water color ::

So let's start from the lightest color we've got here.. the milky-silver.
As this is the lightest color, we shall use it for the base color.
Since I need to apply to a larger skin area, I'm going to use the larger end of the eye-brush.
Then, from one end to another, apply the shade evenly with the eye-brush (as shown below).

You might not see difference at this step as this color is too light; however, you can see the effect as a whole later on :)

Then we shall move on to our second shade... the bronze.
Now the area I'm covering is a smaller half-sphere than the previous, and I'm going to use the smaller end of the eye-brush.

Tip #2 :: Use different sides of the eye-brush to avoid smudges in the shade pallet ::

Same technique, brush it from one end to another evenly (as shown below).

As you can see, the upper-limit of my second half-sphere is lower than the first one, leaving an area which only has the milky-silver shade. That's the area which gives you eyes glitter-looks *^^*

And the bronze-shaded area will gives a layered-effect to the eye make-up, which also gives you a deeper eye-look.

Now let's move on to the third shade... dark brown.
With the same technique shown above, I will apply the dark brown shade in a smaller half-sphere area just right above my eyelashes.

Since I have single-eyelid, I will need to make sure that the dark brown shade can be seen even if my eyes are open. Thence, I need to apply a larger area YET not overlapping too much of the bronze shade.

If you are not sure, try apply this shade with open eyes by outlining the upper limit, and fill in the blank area :D

Well, if possible, try to make these three shades to have equal exposed area. You may need a couple of practices in order to get the perfect ratios for your eyes (since everyone is born different :D)


OKAY, at this point of time, you should get the effect like this (shown below):

As you can see, only the dark brown is most visible actually. So, sometimes I would just apply the dark brown shade for casual outings :)
However, when I want a more glamorous look, then I will apply all three of them. Easy as that ;)
You can mix and match them anyway you want!

Whew, that took me quite some time to explain...
Now let me show you the easiest way to do a lower eye make-up :D

Simply just outline your eye below with the dark brown shade (as shown below).
Keep it as thin as a line as possible, because you don't want to look like a panda, right?

ONE more step to go.

Personally, I will prefer to add a touch of liquid eyeliner to give a more intense look.
Here I'm gonna show you the result of using a brown liquid eyeliner. You can use a black one thou.
Can you spot the THIN touch of liquid eyeliner? Especially at the corner end of my eye?
That's what I mean by OUTLINING :)
Well, you can draw a thicker eyeliner according to your mood!
Nahh, I'm good with this for now :D

Tip #3 :: Brown liquid eyeliner gives a softer touch and natural look than black liquid eyeliner ::

So here is the final result of our tutorial today :D

                                           Before                                                     After

Now I'm done with the talking and writing, and here's your turn!
How do you find this tutorial? Feel free to drop me comments :)

[Review] KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-2

Product: KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-2

Color of shades: Milky-silver, bronze, dark-brown and nude-brown.

Price: Around RM49 ~ RM59

Review: I really love the fact that the eye-shadow won't wear off easily. The colors of shades are close to our skin color, so the effect looks very natural. Hence, it can be a daily-wear. In fact, I believe brown shades are one of the MUST HAVE MAKE-UP ITEMS as it comes in very handy in daily make-ups, be it work-on or work-off occasions.

Japan product. Available at KATE specialized-counter, Guardian and local departmental stores.

**Picture-tutorial is available here.

October 8, 2015

[Review] My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记 Apple Polyphenol Mask 苹果多酚面膜

Name: My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记 - Apple Polyphenol Mask 苹果多酚面膜

Price range: Around RM4

Functions: Oil control, pore constringing

Review: The pleasant smell of apple juice can be found once the packet was opened. The effect was quite instant whereby I can feel my skin tighter on the next day. Usually my face will get a bit oily when I get up in the morning, but I don't feel it on the next morning after applying it.

Taiwan product. Available at 7-eleven (Taiwan) and Guardian (Malaysia) outlet.

October 6, 2015

October 6 Feeling nostalgic

I was clicking through the videos which I were tagged last time on Facebook.

Weird enough, I can recall our conversation, surroundings and all...
In a split of second, I felt like just happened yesterday.
It felt like I just joined and came back from youth camp..
If felt like I just left college..
But by looking at our faces, hairstyles and all, you can tell years have passed.

How nostalgic.

I don't have good memory in noting down my life events, so I need much help from photos and videos.
Guess you could expect photo-taking session if we have any chance of meeting again :D
Do tell me that you want a photo together, I would love to :D

p/s: thanks to Snapchat, now I'm improving my video-taking skills

October 5, 2015

September 30 The End of Internship

Finally the end of my 4-month internship!! \\^0^//

I am so sorry for unable to update here on-time >.<

At first, I thought I was able to make it during weekends, but the sad fact is that there was no Wi-Fi available in the place I stayed @@ how sad right?

Then as I posted previously, I got myself a new cellphone which makes it more possible for me to post some product reviews here without using laptop. Anyway I still prefer to use a proper computer/laptop to write stuffs here (because it's typical that I have too much things to write/say about XP)

Guess I wouldn't need to much to describe my feelings and happiness of finishing this internship. It was a great experience (no doubt at all)! Especially the last few weeks to the end. Lots of outings, hangouts and farewells. Not just the professional skills which I've gained, but also the friendships and connections we have made during these months which I cherish alot.. I couldn't say more to express how fortunate individual I am... Thank you y'all!! ^~^

To add up to the list, I even finished my internship report right on the last day of work, and managed to pass up on the next day. I bet our module leader was pretty amazed thou XD So now I can focus on having some rest and thinking what's next :D

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