July 25, 2020

[Review] Get It Beauty CeLABrity V Fit Mask + First Impression

Hello there!

We are going to try out CeLABrity V Fit Mask from Get It Beauty (GIB) today.

Review; Get It Beauty CeLABrity V Fit Mask + First Impression

July 18, 2020

[Restaurant & Cafe] Tea Time @ Paul, Pavilion KL

Paul, Pavilion KLPaul, Pavilion KL

If I tell you, this is a cosmetic shop, will you believe? πŸ€”

From the outlook design, I will definitely fall for it. But in fact, this is a French restaurant cafe 😜

My friend recommended this place, saying I would love its environment and ambiance, ended up he is right! Probably it would be better if it is located beside a river or a park. Imagining having a cup of coffee on a Sunday late morning and having French breakfast.. Viola! πŸŒ„

Since I was at Pavilion early that evening for a dinner date, I thought it would be wasted if I don't check out Paul during that small window of time. So I went to Paul and ordered a cup of Cafe Miel and Truffle Cheese Fries.

I didn't take photo of the fries as I don't really like the food presentation - truffle and cheese are fancy, but perhaps I prefer my fries to be plain as it is.

As for the coffee, actually this is my first time trying Cafe Miel, and the experience was pleasant. The cinnamon smell was prominent and I was afraid it could be too overwhelming in its taste - which it turned out I am wrong. My all-time favourite type of coffee is coffee latte. Cafe Miel has a richer taste after adding cinnamon powder.

Overall the food price here is acceptable, having said that it is located in Pavilion KL. I would revisit this cafe again for its mains, and of course for its dining ambiance πŸ’―

Have you been to Paul? What would you recommend me to try on my next visit? 😊

July 4, 2020

July 4 Travelling back home after travel ban being lifted


Hi everyone!

Are you taking good care of yourself as well as your family? Hope you all are doing well and healthy.

I was more than excited to travel back home after the government announced that the domestic travel ban has been lifted. It's been 5 months since my last home visit (surely I'm homesick even though this is not the first time living away from home..)

Before you scroll down to my travel vlog, here I am going to share with you some photos which taken along the way back home - a serenity moment alone whereby I enjoyed it very much.








At last.. I've taped a vlog and I will talk more about this trip in the video. See you there! Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know you've watched it.

**Turn on CC for English / Chinese caption.**

Stay safe and I will see you on the next post!

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