August 25, 2015

August 24 zzz

What a day...
Although I don't really THAT enjoy working days, but I haven't experience such disgust as yesterday.
I woke up, but I don't feel like me at all.
I brushed my teeth, dressed up, ... still doesn't feel like me.
Instead of going to work by bus, I suggested Huey Wen to take taxi today instead, cause I really don't feel like waiting at the bus stop.
Since we were early, we had breakfast.
Felt better, but still wish I can skip work today.
... I'm sick
Finally my body can't take it anymore and it alarmed me by giving me physical signals.
All I want is a long, uninterrupted sleeeeeep zzz

August 23, 2015

August 22

Living in condo is a new experience to me, and some more with roommate, and a Malay housemate and her younger sister.

Its no more easy talk when it comes to privacy. Space is limited. 3 rooms, 1 living room. Each of us can afford to occupy an area all by ourselves, but it is still uncomfortable to be your own. You can't wear anything like you want, can't put things anywhere like you want, can't lie down occupying the whole sofa like you want, can't turn on the tv and switch the volume up as you want, can't play music like you want....... whole lots sort of that.

Basically its about my own corner and space. I realized I really need that. And I appreciated it a lot while staying in hostel during my college and university days.

Now I can't even find a place or a time for me to do song covers (something which I wanted to do so badly). :/

Is this it? NO. I don't want to give up and not going to give up that easily!

What I like, I am going to pursue. Music is my passion, and I don't want to let it dies off like that.

Am just praying that this gonna solved soon...

August 22, 2015

August 15

It's been always troubling me.
Should girls take the first move?
Should I take the first move?

There was once a guy which I pretty much interested with during my uni time.
It cracked my head to find a way to get to know him better, to become a friend to him, or at least, not just classmate.

I took the first move. I approached. I texted... Now we could text and say "hi" like we knew for many years (yet the fact is we just got closer for the last 3-4 months). But at last, what surprised me is he started to discuss about his crush on another girl to me. *facepalm*

Has I messed it up? Hasn't my intention to know him better makes it clear to him? Or it was just a friendly approach to him from the very beginning. Probably so. But that's not what I meant at the first place thou. Did I go with the wrong way? I don't know..

Surprisingly I didn't feel that bad when he told me about it (at least I didn't cry so badly like the previous one). I am actually happy that at least he thinks we are friends, and I could be the one he seeks to discuss about something (although the topic we are discussing now is not what I thought about). Are we friends now? Yes indeed, but not even close to develop further affection.

Anyway I guess our friendship could takes us further than being in a relationship. I still earn myself a friend, don't I? Alright okay. I am cool with it.

August 11, 2015

[Review] My Scheming 我的心机 Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask

Name: My Scheming 我的心机 Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask

Price: RM3 - RM5

Function: Skin purifying

Review: The mask has two layers. Peel out the plastic layer with caution to retrieve the thin layer which made of silk. To take note, this silk layer is super thin that it can be so easily tear off with a slight force. I still failed to get a perfect complete mask after two attempts. Other than that, nothing much to comment.

Taiwan product.

August 9, 2015

[Review] Innisfree - it's real squeeze mask Rose

Name: Innisfree Smooth and Shine Rose Paper Mask

Price: RM3 - RM5

Functions: Giving you a smooth and shine face

It is widely renowned that Innisfree has the best paper masks at this price range. It is a Korean-brand, so it pretty much explains why the size of the mask best suits Asians. Its relatively smaller in size, but it fits perfectly with less excessive parts and overlapping.
In terms of this particular paper mask, the Rose scent is fairly pleasant. Although I am not really a rose-goer, I find myself quite enjoy the scent of this mask.

Available at all Innisfree outlets.

[Review] B Travel Angelica Arcangelica Mask Paris

Name: B Travel Angelica Arcangelica Mask - Paris

Price range: RM4 - RM6

Functions: For tired skin. Brightening.

Review: The texture of the mask is so thin that it lands on your face tightly and fits almost all kinds of faces, be it round or square. Basically that's the best part I love about this mask.

Available at SaSa.

August 7, 2015

August 7 TGIF Shopping Day

Thank God it's Friday!!

After 5 monotonous-working days, it's the day to have some fun, and reward.

First, lemme introduce my companions of the night: Hui Hua, Huey Wen and Lee Xin.
We are out tonight to hunt for dresses and accessories for our company's annual dinner, upcoming in next Friday.

I couldn't express my feeling even more by saying "Thank God for your amazing blessings and arrangement" since we are indeed lucky enough to attend the regional Annual Dinner this year. At first, we were told that interns couldn't register by using our own IDs; however then we managed to (in which I don't really know exactly how). Anyway, thank God!!
Its gonna be GRAND (for sure)!! The theme is Hollywood. Good lord, there are hundreds and thousands way you could dressed up like a movie star.. it's either you're the hero, the villain, the supporting characters.... they are all played by movie stars, aren't they right? Even you can dress up like a minion, or a dinosaur, it's up to your creativity, and budget.

For the past 2 weeks, "what are we going to wear" has become our no. 1 hot topic. Basically, that's our main agenda tonight :p
One good reason for friends to tag along while shopping is that they could offer you opinions, and I need these ALOT.. :s

I've been pretty much in love with Nicchi and Kitschen, these two attire shops lately. Reasons being they are having very nice dresses and work-wears, most of all, SALEEEE!!! Good price, rather good quality.
When people are warning you that shopping is addictive, it's true. In total, I've gotten myself a dress, two tops, a pair of pants, a skirt, a pair of high heels, three rings, two pairs of earrings, one bracelet and two chokers (a type of necklace). And that's around RM280... proved how shopaholic I am >_<

Now I've got the whole set of attire ready for the dinner. Despite wanting to reveal to you now, I will try my best to save it until the exact day... please do look forward :3

For now, I am going to share a photo of my 'results' of the day... good night

인사 Greetings on August

Hi, to my blog readers :)
Today I'm writing a post using my new smartphone! Well, I'm not sure whether it's still considered as new now since it's almost 1-month old.. alright, I guess its still a NEW phone :D
It's an ASUS Zenfone 5. At first, I wasn't thinking of buying an ASUS phone, but as I'm urgently in need of changing a phone (my last was pretty much not really compatible to this era anymore, keep on lagging and stuffs), I see this one as a good choice (and it fits into my budget as well).
Considering not much of my friends/colleagues around are using ASUS, I would say it's a rather value-to-price. Please do take consideration on putting it into your list next time when you're looking for a phone ;)
Finally,with an 'up-to-date' compatible gadget, I could do lots of posting stuffs lately. And I hope with this, I could keep this blog as update as possible, sharing updates on foods, fashions, cosmetics.. and of course, my life :D
So.. Til the next time~

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