December 31, 2015

[Review] Innisfree - it's real squeeze mask Green Tea

Name: Innisfree it's real squeeze mask - green tea

Price range: Around RM4

Function: Hydrating, skin purifying

Review: Maybe it's for the purpose of hydration, I found more essence in the packet. Unfortunately, I don't find any green tea scent while opening the packet (maybe I'm having nose blind).

Rate: Average

Korean product.

December 20, 2015

[Online Shopping]

This was quite sometime ago already.

Ever since my last online shopping on Gmarket, I am very much fascinated with the whole "online shopping" idea. The moment when receiving my parcel, it was so excited, meanwhile, I just can't wait to open it up and see what's inside. It feels like receiving presents/gifts, but only you are the one who bought yourself a present/gift.

It was approaching my birthday. This year, I wish to buy myself some accessories, those good quality ones which can be kept long, but within my affordability (plus, I wasn't earning income at the moment). So, something simple yet quality. Where to get? What to buy?

Then I thought of this online shopping website, I came across few product advertisements, and I remembered it sells fancy accessories. So, I gave it a shot.

The website is very organized. To get the best search results, utilize the filter tool.
I want accessories on my hand. Maybe a bracelet. I think rose gold is a very femine and fancy color. Better to be RM100 or below.
Pop! Pop! Pop! Put all these details in, and I get my customized-filtered search results.

At the end, I found myself a piece which satisfied my above requisitions.

Filling up all the billing details, the days of waiting started. Fortunately, offers free sms-notification on the delivery status. It nudges me when my parcel sets off for dispatch. From there on, I can keep track from time to time.

Since it was dispatched from Peninsular Malaysia, it took nearly 2 weeks to reach my place. Guess should be the standard dispatch duration. Thank God, my parcels reached safely! ^^

this is how my first parcel looks like

"Unboxing" shot
Birthday presents from me

**Side note: I bought a watch as well, but the unboxing shots I captured were blur, so skip the posting part. Move on...

Since the two items were bought from different suppliers, items were sent separately without extra charges. First, I received the bracelet, then few days later, came the watch.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the goods and the service. To show my appreciation and support to the website, I submitted my product reviews afterwards. 

**Side note: I read a lot of reviews before purchasing online. I really appreciate people who wrote their reviews. That's why I am doing the same thing as well. :)

Overall, it was a really satisfied and pleasing experience shopping online with

December 13, 2015

Hello everyone🙋

Wassup. Just came back from a short year end family trip.

Though I really wish to share this experience right now right here, but sadly I don't have much time to write lately😿

In fact, there are lots of updates in my recent life which I've yet to write and make my record here..

Anyway. To give you a glimpse of the genre of my yet-to-write topics, it's about work, online shopping, holiday trips and upcoming plans.

Whoots. So much to say yet due to time constrain.. urgh

It's 10:59PM here now. Time for me to get into the arms of my bed. Chop chop. Goodnight!😴

November 12, 2015

Real Life Inspiration, Alexandra Reid

While I was swiping the feeds on Twiter, I saw a post saying there is a new member to join Kpop girl group, RaNia.

At the first glance, (frankly) I wasn't paying much attention to the tweet.
But after a few more swipes on the feeds, then appeared another post which titled " ...... 'being in RaNia is a dream come true.' It's the another way around for fans!"
With much curiosity, I clicked into the link and discover amazing and (somewhat) shocking fact that the new member is an African-American, and the VERY FIRST of them who made into the Kpop industry! (Way to go girl!!!)

It's my pleasure to introduce Alexandra Reid, the newly joined member of RaNia!

One of the numerous reasons why I have good feelings for her is knowing that she has a personal blog which she writes about her experience and thoughts. Best thing to add-on to it, she writes in good English. Spot-ON! (Well, personally I do not know any of the Kpop celebrities that own a personal blog for public to read, PLUS written in English).

Don't believe me?
Check this out with your own eyes *~*

Right now I believe many people out there are wondering who is this hot girl on the town. One thing for sure, her presence in Kpop industry now is a hope for many of the dreamers out there (including me, myself), an inspiration to some who wanting to chase their dreams thou it seems far-fetched.

Cheers to Alex and to all!

November 5, 2015

[Review] Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo + Dove Volume Nourishment Conditioner

Product #1
Name: Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo 

Hair type: For dry and damage hair.

Price: RM15~20

Review: Delegate and pleasant scent. Gives a soft and gentle touch on the hair while cleanses away the oil and dirt. Worth the try. However, I would only purchase this during promotion sale season heh :D 

Japan product. Available at Watson.

Product #2
Name: Dove Volume Nourishment Conditioner

Price: RM8~15

Review: This product is heavily advertised on the new oxyfusion technology which suppose to give a bouncy-er and volume-r hair-look. First, it doesn't give an oily-effect EVEN I left it on my hair (just like those leave-on hair treatment). Good thing. BUT, this may because my hair is already HIGHLY DAMAGED and needs lots of nourishment (may or may not apply to your case). Technically, I think it has achieved it's purpose, as a conditioner. Worth the try.

p/s: this is my recent hair-wash combination :D

October 16, 2015

October 16

So my days of enjoying my parents' money has begun. (Ops, or should I say, the days of being unemployed) :/

First, I started with helping in minor chores. Then playing mahjong with grandma and ma. And dad asks to assist with some admin works. ... life couldn't be more simpler than this.

What bothers me is what am I going to do in the future. What's next? This question keeps popping in my head. What do I want to achieve in my life? What I want to become as? I can't just live like that. No. I must have a plan. A holistic plan.

What I am afraid the most currently? The loss of momentum in life. The urge of wanting to achieve something must not fade away. Keep it going. This is how I know I'm alive.

I've caught you in another serious thought again. Ha! :D Anyways.

To end this, lemme share the photo of the day : "[Caption] Can I eat it now?"  (Caught in red-handed)

October 9, 2015

[Tutorial] Basic Eye Make-Up #1

Today I'm gonna show you how to do a basic eye make-up :)
This is a routine which I almost do it everyday, for almost every occasion, simply because it is easy yet not failing to look professional.

Here we go :D

So I'm going to use these two products (as shown below) for this tutorial:
KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-2 & Etude House Oh~ M' Eye Line 03 Oh~ My Brown

Tip #1 :: Always apply eye shadow from the lightest shade to the darkest shade :: Reason is the same as painting water color ::

So let's start from the lightest color we've got here.. the milky-silver.
As this is the lightest color, we shall use it for the base color.
Since I need to apply to a larger skin area, I'm going to use the larger end of the eye-brush.
Then, from one end to another, apply the shade evenly with the eye-brush (as shown below).

You might not see difference at this step as this color is too light; however, you can see the effect as a whole later on :)

Then we shall move on to our second shade... the bronze.
Now the area I'm covering is a smaller half-sphere than the previous, and I'm going to use the smaller end of the eye-brush.

Tip #2 :: Use different sides of the eye-brush to avoid smudges in the shade pallet ::

Same technique, brush it from one end to another evenly (as shown below).

As you can see, the upper-limit of my second half-sphere is lower than the first one, leaving an area which only has the milky-silver shade. That's the area which gives you eyes glitter-looks *^^*

And the bronze-shaded area will gives a layered-effect to the eye make-up, which also gives you a deeper eye-look.

Now let's move on to the third shade... dark brown.
With the same technique shown above, I will apply the dark brown shade in a smaller half-sphere area just right above my eyelashes.

Since I have single-eyelid, I will need to make sure that the dark brown shade can be seen even if my eyes are open. Thence, I need to apply a larger area YET not overlapping too much of the bronze shade.

If you are not sure, try apply this shade with open eyes by outlining the upper limit, and fill in the blank area :D

Well, if possible, try to make these three shades to have equal exposed area. You may need a couple of practices in order to get the perfect ratios for your eyes (since everyone is born different :D)


OKAY, at this point of time, you should get the effect like this (shown below):

As you can see, only the dark brown is most visible actually. So, sometimes I would just apply the dark brown shade for casual outings :)
However, when I want a more glamorous look, then I will apply all three of them. Easy as that ;)
You can mix and match them anyway you want!

Whew, that took me quite some time to explain...
Now let me show you the easiest way to do a lower eye make-up :D

Simply just outline your eye below with the dark brown shade (as shown below).
Keep it as thin as a line as possible, because you don't want to look like a panda, right?

ONE more step to go.

Personally, I will prefer to add a touch of liquid eyeliner to give a more intense look.
Here I'm gonna show you the result of using a brown liquid eyeliner. You can use a black one thou.
Can you spot the THIN touch of liquid eyeliner? Especially at the corner end of my eye?
That's what I mean by OUTLINING :)
Well, you can draw a thicker eyeliner according to your mood!
Nahh, I'm good with this for now :D

Tip #3 :: Brown liquid eyeliner gives a softer touch and natural look than black liquid eyeliner ::

So here is the final result of our tutorial today :D

                                           Before                                                     After

Now I'm done with the talking and writing, and here's your turn!
How do you find this tutorial? Feel free to drop me comments :)

[Review] KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-2

Product: KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-2

Color of shades: Milky-silver, bronze, dark-brown and nude-brown.

Price: Around RM49 ~ RM59

Review: I really love the fact that the eye-shadow won't wear off easily. The colors of shades are close to our skin color, so the effect looks very natural. Hence, it can be a daily-wear. In fact, I believe brown shades are one of the MUST HAVE MAKE-UP ITEMS as it comes in very handy in daily make-ups, be it work-on or work-off occasions.

Japan product. Available at KATE specialized-counter, Guardian and local departmental stores.

**Picture-tutorial is available here.

October 8, 2015

[Review] My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记 Apple Polyphenol Mask 苹果多酚面膜

Name: My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记 - Apple Polyphenol Mask 苹果多酚面膜

Price range: Around RM4

Functions: Oil control, pore constringing

Review: The pleasant smell of apple juice can be found once the packet was opened. The effect was quite instant whereby I can feel my skin tighter on the next day. Usually my face will get a bit oily when I get up in the morning, but I don't feel it on the next morning after applying it.

Taiwan product. Available at 7-eleven (Taiwan) and Guardian (Malaysia) outlet.

October 6, 2015

October 6 Feeling nostalgic

I was clicking through the videos which I were tagged last time on Facebook.

Weird enough, I can recall our conversation, surroundings and all...
In a split of second, I felt like just happened yesterday.
It felt like I just joined and came back from youth camp..
If felt like I just left college..
But by looking at our faces, hairstyles and all, you can tell years have passed.

How nostalgic.

I don't have good memory in noting down my life events, so I need much help from photos and videos.
Guess you could expect photo-taking session if we have any chance of meeting again :D
Do tell me that you want a photo together, I would love to :D

p/s: thanks to Snapchat, now I'm improving my video-taking skills

October 5, 2015

September 30 The End of Internship

Finally the end of my 4-month internship!! \\^0^//

I am so sorry for unable to update here on-time >.<

At first, I thought I was able to make it during weekends, but the sad fact is that there was no Wi-Fi available in the place I stayed @@ how sad right?

Then as I posted previously, I got myself a new cellphone which makes it more possible for me to post some product reviews here without using laptop. Anyway I still prefer to use a proper computer/laptop to write stuffs here (because it's typical that I have too much things to write/say about XP)

Guess I wouldn't need to much to describe my feelings and happiness of finishing this internship. It was a great experience (no doubt at all)! Especially the last few weeks to the end. Lots of outings, hangouts and farewells. Not just the professional skills which I've gained, but also the friendships and connections we have made during these months which I cherish alot.. I couldn't say more to express how fortunate individual I am... Thank you y'all!! ^~^

To add up to the list, I even finished my internship report right on the last day of work, and managed to pass up on the next day. I bet our module leader was pretty amazed thou XD So now I can focus on having some rest and thinking what's next :D

September 7, 2015

[Review] Innisfree - it's real squeeze mask Aloe

Name: Innisfree - Aloe

Price range: Around RM4

Functions: Moisturizing, water-boost

Review: Once I opened the packet, I can smell a light yet pleasant plant scent. Guess this is the trademark of Innisfree - the scent of nature. It is very soothing. I would say it could be perfect after a 
long day under the sun. When it comes to facial masks, I would highly recommend Innisfree to my friends and family.

Available at Innisfree outlets.

September 2, 2015

September 2 小资女孩向前冲

星期三 因为有你们而不一样~
今天因为巧虹和立强,我的愿望也实现了~! (没有遗憾了~开玩笑啦~)
其实巧虹今天来是因为参加公司面试。刚好面试的公司就在我上班楼15分钟的距离。她就提议我们一起吃个饭 (太感动了~~)
更加令人意想不到的是,她在整理文件时,意外发现某信封里放着十几块的现金!!! 原来是之前领的奖学金啊!!! (我晕) 她兴奋地决定请吃午餐 (实在太高兴了~)
特别为两位介绍我们办公楼附近便宜又好吃的猪肉粉。一份才5块钱。价钱公道。重要是好吃! (让两位体验一下下小资的生活 呵呵)
话说今天一早开始就做事不顺利 (公司的复印机跟我闹脾气,浪费了很多纸)。。但是这样的一个小聚会就点亮了我的一天~ (各位 幸福是可以很简单滴) 可能是我个人啦。比较容易满足 (有么?有么?)
p/s: 我还真没想到立强在自拍时那么在意脸大脸小的问题呢 o.o 那不是女人们之间在意的事么?怎么男生也开始了?呵呵 有趣

[Review] Mentholatum Maxilip

Product: Mentholatum Maxilip

Function: Lip care, moisturizing. Good for crack-lips.

Color: None.

Price range: Around RM18.90

Review: I love this product straight on-the-spot! It serves as lip balm and gives long lasting lip moisturizing. I was having severe crack-lip lately, and once I start applying this, I could observe the result within hours. Now my crack-lip has improved alot. No more dried lip skin peeling off :DD

August 25, 2015

August 24 zzz

What a day...
Although I don't really THAT enjoy working days, but I haven't experience such disgust as yesterday.
I woke up, but I don't feel like me at all.
I brushed my teeth, dressed up, ... still doesn't feel like me.
Instead of going to work by bus, I suggested Huey Wen to take taxi today instead, cause I really don't feel like waiting at the bus stop.
Since we were early, we had breakfast.
Felt better, but still wish I can skip work today.
... I'm sick
Finally my body can't take it anymore and it alarmed me by giving me physical signals.
All I want is a long, uninterrupted sleeeeeep zzz

August 23, 2015

August 22

Living in condo is a new experience to me, and some more with roommate, and a Malay housemate and her younger sister.

Its no more easy talk when it comes to privacy. Space is limited. 3 rooms, 1 living room. Each of us can afford to occupy an area all by ourselves, but it is still uncomfortable to be your own. You can't wear anything like you want, can't put things anywhere like you want, can't lie down occupying the whole sofa like you want, can't turn on the tv and switch the volume up as you want, can't play music like you want....... whole lots sort of that.

Basically its about my own corner and space. I realized I really need that. And I appreciated it a lot while staying in hostel during my college and university days.

Now I can't even find a place or a time for me to do song covers (something which I wanted to do so badly). :/

Is this it? NO. I don't want to give up and not going to give up that easily!

What I like, I am going to pursue. Music is my passion, and I don't want to let it dies off like that.

Am just praying that this gonna solved soon...

August 22, 2015

August 15

It's been always troubling me.
Should girls take the first move?
Should I take the first move?

There was once a guy which I pretty much interested with during my uni time.
It cracked my head to find a way to get to know him better, to become a friend to him, or at least, not just classmate.

I took the first move. I approached. I texted... Now we could text and say "hi" like we knew for many years (yet the fact is we just got closer for the last 3-4 months). But at last, what surprised me is he started to discuss about his crush on another girl to me. *facepalm*

Has I messed it up? Hasn't my intention to know him better makes it clear to him? Or it was just a friendly approach to him from the very beginning. Probably so. But that's not what I meant at the first place thou. Did I go with the wrong way? I don't know..

Surprisingly I didn't feel that bad when he told me about it (at least I didn't cry so badly like the previous one). I am actually happy that at least he thinks we are friends, and I could be the one he seeks to discuss about something (although the topic we are discussing now is not what I thought about). Are we friends now? Yes indeed, but not even close to develop further affection.

Anyway I guess our friendship could takes us further than being in a relationship. I still earn myself a friend, don't I? Alright okay. I am cool with it.

August 11, 2015

[Review] My Scheming 我的心机 Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask

Name: My Scheming 我的心机 Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask

Price: RM3 - RM5

Function: Skin purifying

Review: The mask has two layers. Peel out the plastic layer with caution to retrieve the thin layer which made of silk. To take note, this silk layer is super thin that it can be so easily tear off with a slight force. I still failed to get a perfect complete mask after two attempts. Other than that, nothing much to comment.

Taiwan product.

August 9, 2015

[Review] Innisfree - it's real squeeze mask Rose

Name: Innisfree Smooth and Shine Rose Paper Mask

Price: RM3 - RM5

Functions: Giving you a smooth and shine face

It is widely renowned that Innisfree has the best paper masks at this price range. It is a Korean-brand, so it pretty much explains why the size of the mask best suits Asians. Its relatively smaller in size, but it fits perfectly with less excessive parts and overlapping.
In terms of this particular paper mask, the Rose scent is fairly pleasant. Although I am not really a rose-goer, I find myself quite enjoy the scent of this mask.

Available at all Innisfree outlets.

[Review] B Travel Angelica Arcangelica Mask Paris

Name: B Travel Angelica Arcangelica Mask - Paris

Price range: RM4 - RM6

Functions: For tired skin. Brightening.

Review: The texture of the mask is so thin that it lands on your face tightly and fits almost all kinds of faces, be it round or square. Basically that's the best part I love about this mask.

Available at SaSa.

August 7, 2015

August 7 TGIF Shopping Day

Thank God it's Friday!!

After 5 monotonous-working days, it's the day to have some fun, and reward.

First, lemme introduce my companions of the night: Hui Hua, Huey Wen and Lee Xin.
We are out tonight to hunt for dresses and accessories for our company's annual dinner, upcoming in next Friday.

I couldn't express my feeling even more by saying "Thank God for your amazing blessings and arrangement" since we are indeed lucky enough to attend the regional Annual Dinner this year. At first, we were told that interns couldn't register by using our own IDs; however then we managed to (in which I don't really know exactly how). Anyway, thank God!!
Its gonna be GRAND (for sure)!! The theme is Hollywood. Good lord, there are hundreds and thousands way you could dressed up like a movie star.. it's either you're the hero, the villain, the supporting characters.... they are all played by movie stars, aren't they right? Even you can dress up like a minion, or a dinosaur, it's up to your creativity, and budget.

For the past 2 weeks, "what are we going to wear" has become our no. 1 hot topic. Basically, that's our main agenda tonight :p
One good reason for friends to tag along while shopping is that they could offer you opinions, and I need these ALOT.. :s

I've been pretty much in love with Nicchi and Kitschen, these two attire shops lately. Reasons being they are having very nice dresses and work-wears, most of all, SALEEEE!!! Good price, rather good quality.
When people are warning you that shopping is addictive, it's true. In total, I've gotten myself a dress, two tops, a pair of pants, a skirt, a pair of high heels, three rings, two pairs of earrings, one bracelet and two chokers (a type of necklace). And that's around RM280... proved how shopaholic I am >_<

Now I've got the whole set of attire ready for the dinner. Despite wanting to reveal to you now, I will try my best to save it until the exact day... please do look forward :3

For now, I am going to share a photo of my 'results' of the day... good night

인사 Greetings on August

Hi, to my blog readers :)
Today I'm writing a post using my new smartphone! Well, I'm not sure whether it's still considered as new now since it's almost 1-month old.. alright, I guess its still a NEW phone :D
It's an ASUS Zenfone 5. At first, I wasn't thinking of buying an ASUS phone, but as I'm urgently in need of changing a phone (my last was pretty much not really compatible to this era anymore, keep on lagging and stuffs), I see this one as a good choice (and it fits into my budget as well).
Considering not much of my friends/colleagues around are using ASUS, I would say it's a rather value-to-price. Please do take consideration on putting it into your list next time when you're looking for a phone ;)
Finally,with an 'up-to-date' compatible gadget, I could do lots of posting stuffs lately. And I hope with this, I could keep this blog as update as possible, sharing updates on foods, fashions, cosmetics.. and of course, my life :D
So.. Til the next time~

May 22, 2015

May 8

I'm gonna leaving this lovely room SOON!!
And as you can see below here,
I'm packing up my stuffs...

These are the things I'm bringing to my new room!
Is it alot???

Thank you so much to Mayee
who helped me in packing up my stuffs..
(although I'm good in tidying up spaces for others,
I'm kinda helpless while doing my own..@@)

Thank you to dear Yik Ting, Sien Zheng, Fu Ming, Nicolas, Yong Hin, Derick Soong!
for helping me to move these stuffs to your place for the moment...
Can't do it without you all :DD

With the gang
we had Pizza Hut for dinner!
(starving..... after all these physical activities >.<)

LOL we are such an alcoholic gang :p

Eating pizza,
Drinking beer,
Watcing CSI,
Playing PSII

How I wish I can hit replay for this semester......

Less than 12 hours to go....

May 7 Big Dinner with Foundation Mates

Finally a full-stop on our college and university days
I can still recall the days we met and became friends on the first week of Foundation

And look, how have we been for these 4 years?

We changed alot,
and of course, I try to believe such change is for the betterment of ourselves

We went to Moonlight Cake House at Sri Petaling
Quite interesting to find the waiters there are all GUYS at night time! XD

If you ask me about the food,
I would say "so so".

Environmental wise,
it's relatively a nice place to chill and have a slice of cake.

As expected,
the gang asked for second round.

So we went to Setia Walk.
We sang and we had some beer.
Yes, I didn't see it wrongly.
I said, BEER.
(don't look at me like that U.U)

Then, there was a third round, actually.
But we missed it because karaoke session ends at 2AM.

Overall, I enjoyed the day.

Two more days to go..........
I'm gonna miss you all be by my side.......

May 21, 2015

May 6 Last Dinner Night Out at DP

What's on for tonight?
We gonna have some girls' time tonight!

The week is ending,
and we all know that we have less time to spend together

Jodee has just finished her last exam paper, Philosophy
But Stalie still has another paper, with me, Theater and Acting
Which is on tomorrow

But I guess we don't mind taking some time out for dinner, right?
After all, this subject doesn't need too much of reading

For one more time, we went to Ah Lian Special Pan Mee for dinner
Luckily I still get my favourite Tom Yum Fried Pan Mee
And Stalie finally got her favourite drink from Ding Tea

Too bad, the waffle machine in Espresso Attic broke down that night
I couldn't try out the Chicken Waffle before I leave :(

Anyway, it's still a memorable night for three of us :D

I wonder,
where would we be after 1 month?
2 months?
6 months?
1 year?
5 years?
10 years?

Would we be able to meet up again like our uni days again?

I truly hope so.....

(っ^▿^)۶🍸🌟🍺٩(˘◡˘ )

Behind the scene.... wakakaakaka >U<


3 more days to go........

May 5 Adventurous Day in Damansara

Buckle-up your seat-belt
We are going to Damansara!

For what?
Huey Wen and I are going to check on our future accommodation.
It's a condo which located 15-mins car-drive away from our future working place.

Anyway, since both of us don't have car, so we did our "Malaysian Public Transport" research.

First, we took KTM from Nilai to KL Sentral.
Then LRT to Kelana Jaya.
And taxi from Kelana Jaya LRT Station to right in front of the condo.
(at first we thought of taking RapidKL instead, but it took us quite some time waiting)

The girl who we contacted, Siti (or I rather address her as Fannie), hasn't reach back condo
So we settled ourselves at the Old Town Restaurant down at the condo
(interesting we both agreed not to enter a Mamak stall since there is no price listing, too risky to try something new)

What I ordered was a somewhat Wanton-Mee (I don't remember the name of the dish already)
with no Wanton but minced meat
Taste good

It came with a dessert if you topped-up with minimum of RM1
And I chose Cendol :9
Love it, especially in a hot day
But not so fancy of the red bean paste ://

Well, the house-checking went smoothly
I shall save the photos until we successfully moved in :)

As far as my concern, (as well as my parents)
It is about the transportation
Again, because Huey Wen and I don't drive to work
The only transportation available for now is by bus
Which is also very time consuming
(Google Map said it will take us about 1 1/2 hour to reach)
Can it be trusted? I highly doubt it... But I'm definitely anxious about it

How am I going to survive for the next 4 months of internship???????? O.O
Dear God, please help me ................. T.T

What we did after checking on the condo was taking bus back to KL Sentral
You may not see something wrong as of now..
But you see
We asked the bus driver whether we could take this bus to our destination,
he nodded and we hopped onto the bus
Not even for 5 minutes,
the bus driver called us to the front,
told us to go down and take another bus on the other side of the road

We were totally blurred at the time,
and went down the bus as instructed
We are in the middle of nowhere, and I don't see any bus-stop across the road

At the point of time, I'm glad I wasn't alone
Then Huey Wen suggested we just try to walk along the tunnel,
and see what's on the other side

Okay, alright
I guess we just have to try then

Thank God!
We quickly spotted a bus-stop across the road!
And as soon as we settled ourselves under the shelter,
it started to rain.

Gosh, what a day :s

When we were starting to wonder whether there is any bus passing by here,
we spotted a RapidKL.
Hurray! Let's go home now!

Since this is our first time taking this bus back to KL Sentral,
we have totally no idea the route.
What we could do is just keeping our eyes BIG in order to tell where are we

The thing is, they don't tell you where you are or which station are you at
How on earth I'm going to know when to ring the bell?

So there was once the bus stopped at a big mall
From a quick glance, it looks like the newly-built NU Shopping Mall
So we went down, just like the majority of the passengers

Yet we found that we were at the wrong station ---
We were at Bangi !
And it's just one more station to reach KL Sentral !!! =,=

Luckily we can travel straight back to KL Sentral by taking LRT
(instead of waiting for another round of bus)

What a day......

By the time we reached back to Nilai KTM Station,
it was already 5PM.

Whole day gone and I'm not quite sure how did I spent it

While waiting for our uni shuttle bus to come, 
Huey Wen then recommended me a Malay hawker stall behind the road
which sells nice Cendol and Mee Rojak

Sureeee, I just can't get enough of Cendol :9

I would say, this is one of the most delicious Cendol I ever tasted so far
Only at RM2 !
And I really like the combination of sweetness and saltiness (nasi pulut) together in a bowl

Why only now then I noticed such good food around in Nilai?
It just make me even harder to say goodbye......

Four more days to go....

인사 Greetings

I am so sorry for not being active for almost 3 weeks! >.<
Not only I was busying with moving my stuffs (since I'm officially leaving hostel for now)
And I was also trying to be around with my family during my limited free time.

Don't worry, I will keep this blog as active as I could.. by updating my life and also some interesting experience going beside me.

Do stay tune for more blog post from me! :D

May 6, 2015

May 4 How Old Do We Look?

Let's talk about the recent Internet craze

Do you want to know whether computer can tell your age? :)
It's easy like ABC!

Get into the page with the link:

You will see this interface

It's so user-friendly
And to our 21st Century Tech-Babies
This is just a small piece of cake ^^

So you click the "use your own photo" button
To browse your files and upload a nice photo of you
Preferably one with your face clearly seen
(otherwise the computer would not be able to detect your face)

So this is how it works...

First shot... 22 years old (okay you're clever)

Let's try again using another photo...
Second shot... 20 years old (awww you have good eyes heh)

I'm getting so addicted now... @@
Third shot... 19 years old... (izit because of my new bangs?)
Good then I'll just keep it for sometime.... ^w^

How about we run a test on my Bangtan Boys?? ^-^
Can't wait........

Great, boys you're still in your 20s :D
But seems like only SUGA was the only one computer got it right >_<

(Left to right:)
REAL AGE (2015)
Jungkook 18
JIN 23
Rapmon 21
V 20
Jimin 20
J-Hope 21

*지민이.. 누나 비안에... 컴퓨터가 뭐가 잘못탄걸에요.. 비안ㄴㄴ*
*Jiminie... I'm sorry... It seems like the computer has some problem... Sorrey...*

Playing with computer all day long
A day passed away like this
Countdown 5 days...

May 4, 2015

May 3 剪发记


Let's GOOOO!!!^^







有没有很清秀的look XD


Liese's Milk Tea Brown

每次头顶都超难上色> <

看起来才比较整齐 :)



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