December 31, 2011

Spring Blossom ::*Sakura*:: Theme

Shadow of Me

Hey hey hey~~~ It's the LAST DAY of 2011!!! :DD
Are you ready to step into 2012? ......

By the way, I have re-design my blog, a spring titled theme to welcome the whole new year~~~
As you all know, Spring Blossom (a.k.a Sakura) only blooms during Spring season.
It's also the national flower for Japan~! (I guess this is common sense) =D

What are my last words for this year......? O.o (thinking hard of it)

Not really particular in my mind now though.
This year just passed through like wind... shoooo... and its 31st of December 2011. ><

Something remarkable events for me this year are...
==> Went to Institute Sinaran (January-April) - studied SAM for 4 months
==> Left I.S.
==> Went to Nilai University College - lived in hostel for the first time in my life!
==> Get to know INFINITE (Korean Boy Group)
==> Chance to meet one guy who really makes me go crazy for him... zzz
==> Went to Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, and Zhu Hai with family
==> Went to stay in friend's house for the very first time... :s
==> .........

So... Ya, that's about it. :D
The time is 9:00pm now; still have 3 hours left.
HURRY UP, if you still have things which are undone yet! =P

And will meet ya next year~~ Bye bye ::+^~^+::

December 30, 2011


是有很兴奋啦~可是,一边又担心自己会吃多了……@@ (最近吃了不少好东西)
想说要减一减,看来并不简单呀~ =S

有虾、螃蟹、还有主角是——一只1kg RM700的鱼!!!>___________<



December 29, 2011


虽然听起来(我)很无聊,去算我今年一共上飞机多少次……@@ 不过,我还是很想知道~~~

是12次!!!!!>_________< (我是数上飞机的次数……)
啊哈哈哈~ 真的自己都吓到了。当然,往年都没有试过乘搭飞机那么多次!>w<
破了我个人的记录啦~~~~~~~~~~~~ XDD


又要搭taxi、又要等飞机…… 麻烦死了!@@
真希望我不需要到离家那么远的地方念书……  (茅盾的想法)

December 27, 2011

Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song

Here is another song sharing time~~ ^____^
Recently, I've been listening to a song which I'm kinda addicted to --- it's an English song, not a Korean. =P (Don't think that I'm just listen to Korean songs only...)
Maybe you've heard of this song, cuz it's always played on the radio.. =D
...... It's non other than Selena Gomez's <Love You Like A Love Song>!!! Really like this beat of this song~~~ :DD


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


It's been said and done, every beautiful thoughts been already sung,
and I guess right now here's another one,
so your melody, will play on and on, with the best of 'em

You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible,
A central fold miracle, lyrical.
You saved my live again, and I want you to know, baby.

I... I love you like a love song baby (x3)
And I keep hittin' repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

I... I love you like a love song baby (x3)
And I keep hittin' repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

Constantly, boy, you play through my mind like a symphony,
There's no way to describe what you do to me,
You just do to me, what you do.

And it feels like I've been rescued, I've been set free,
I am hypnotized, by your destiny,
You are magical, lyrical, beautiful,
You are... and I want you to know, baby.


I... I love you like a love song baby (x3)
And I keep hittin' repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

I... I love you like a love song baby (x3)
And I keep hittin' repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

No one compares, you stand alone to every record I own.
Music to my heart, that's what you are.
A song that goes on and on...


I... I love you like a love song baby (x3)
And I keep hittin' repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

I... I love you like a love song baby (x3)
And I keep hittin' repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

Music Video:
Guitar Chords:

Do you have a 'bodyguard'?

My Dadie went to out-station tonight, so Mean and I represent both my parents to attend a wedding dinner.

Thank God, at first we were placed in a table where I don't have any one I knew. =S
But later, we were 'saved' by church aunty --- Aunty Jennifer. So, we sat with them for the whole dinner. Whew, much better now~ =D

During our dinner, suddenly, one aunty asked me a shocking question ---
"Where is your bodyguard?"


Finally, I get her meaning. What she meant is... Boyfriend! LOLS XDD

Its reasonable and understandable why she asked this kind of question. As there is a childhood friend of mine, she brought her boyfriend to the dinner tonight. She is much younger than me. But... I still don't have a boyfriend. =.= That's what she meant. =)

Well, don't worry. If I found my 'bodyguard' one day, sure I will tell the whole world gea~~~ XP

Honeydew Dessert --- Super Duper Delicious~~~ ^^b

December 17, 2011

16 Dec

Well, nothing special for today.

A big relief after finishing ENG113 exam!!! Give a big smile =D

Once again, I planned to rest for the rest of the day, but I didn't managed to do so. ><
I had been spending all my night watching videos =P

Something that I had achieved for the day is... I eventually learned how to dance <Midnight Circus> chorus part!!! v(^___^)v
I watched hundreds and hundreds times in order to get the dance moves =_____= but it's worth!

You wanna know more about what is the dance I mentioned above?? O.o
Check out my previous post~! Follow the links and you will get to know more~~~ =)

Hmm, maybe I will try out some other dances next time ^.<

My Sungjongie's group --- INFINITE, undoubtedly is a dancing machine group!!! XDD
I wish I could dance <BTD>~~~ >w< T^T

Still downloading videos now... But will go to sleep a.s.a.p.
That's all for today. Good night C=

December 16, 2011

Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus

Midnight Circus Riddle me 어머

Midnight Circus Riddle me 어머

칠흑 같은 미래 마치 끈에 묶인 광대같이

나를 가둔 여긴 마치 드라큘라큘 드라큘라큘

삐걱대고 달려가는 Midnight Circus

위태로운 롤러코스터 Midnight Circus

아래 보면 정말 끝인 거 (Creepy night)

끝을 보는 순간 지는 거 (Troubled night)

지는 순간 넌 Out 되는

Show must go on, never stop

내가 네가 웃는다 Ironic 하게도

사랑받고 싶은 거짓말 행복하다 (Replay Replay)

보고 네가 웃는다 다시 홀린다

화려한 불빛 춤추는 곳 Welcome to Midnight

Circus Circus Show

Midnight Circus Riddle me 어머

Midnight Circus Riddle me 어머

창살 없는 감옥 마치 매를 맞는 재롱잔치

비극적인 희극 마치 무대 없는 노름 마치

빛을 보고 달려드는 Midnight Circus

나비떼들 같은 People Midnight Circus

위로하면 약해져 (Don’t rely)

약해지면 네가 책임져 (Don’t deny)

책임 거면 즐겨줘

Show must go on, never dream

내가 네가 웃는다 Ironic 하게도

사랑받고 싶은 거짓말 행복하다 (Replay Replay)

보고 네가 웃는다 다시 홀린다

화려한 불빛 춤추는 곳 Welcome to Midnight

Circus Circus Show

Welcome to the circus-tronic crazy sunny land

Welcome to the circus-tronic crazy sunny land

Hey 나에겐 NG장치도 없어

속임수 같은 없어 Attention, Mr.A, Mr.B

(One) 절대 뒤를 돌아보지

(Two) 절대 다른 말은 듣지

(Three fall) Here comes the highlight of the show

그리고 아무도 없었다 켜진 이곳엔

비어 있던 무대 위에서 여태 혼자 울고 웃고

따윈 없었다 끝난 이곳엔

화려한 불빛에 속는 곳 We’re in the midnight

Midnight circus show

Midnight Circus Riddle me 어머

Midnight Circus Riddle me 어머


Midnight circus (riddle me)
Oh my midnight circus (riddle me)
Oh my

I want to step out to the future
But I’m like a clown tied with a string
I’m locked in here like Dracula-Dracula
This is a creepy place I want to run away (Midnight circus)
A dangerous roller coaster (Midnight Circus)

I look down and it really seems like the end (creepy night)
I don’t know… I can’t see the end of this moment (Troubled night)
When the moment you’re out comes
You’ll know it
Show must go on and never stop

You even make that ironic laugh when I cry
I want to be loved, it’s a lie
I’m happy (replay-replay)
You’re laughing while you look at me
I’m possessed again
I’m dancing under these bright lights
Welcome to midnight circus show

Midnight circus (riddle me)
Oh my midnight circus (riddle me)
Oh my

This is like a prison without bars
This is an entertaining party that fits everyone
This is like a tragic comedy
It’s like a gamble with no stage

Looking up to see the lights (Midnight Circus)
Bowing to the same people (Midnight circus)

When I go back to the top
My heart is weakening (don’t rely)
You’re responsible for that weakness (don’t deny)
If you’re not responsible for it then let me enjoy
Show must go on never dream

You even make that ironic laugh when I cry
I want to be loved, it’s a lie
I’m happy (replay-replay)
You’re laughing while you look at me
I’m possessed again
I’m dancing under these bright lights
Welcome to midnight circus show

(Welcome to the circus-tronic crazy sunny land)

Hey to me NG too with no devices
There’s no such thing as tricking
Attention Mr. A, Mr. B
One, never look back
Two, never listen to anyone else
Three, fall
Here comes the highlight of the show

And anyone was there but this place is lighted
The stage was empty
NO one was on top of it
I’ve never cried and laughed alone
I have no where else to go
On this place the show is over
I was fooled by the bright lights of this place
We’re in the midnight, midnight circus show

Midnight circus (riddle me)
Oh my midnight circus (riddle me)
Oh my

Official Music Video:
Dance Practise:
Music Core [LIVE] 110625:

p/s: One of my favourite songs~~~ :DD

A Day Before Final Exam...@@

How I wish I could sleep... To have a nap in the afternoon... But my mind still works!!! >_________________< How frustrated you can imagine... Owwhhh....

Am I too stressed?? [YES]
Am I putting myself in all these stress?? [YES]

But I think it is very reasonable why I am so SO stress. It's because I aimed for a higher grades for all my subjects... zzz
Well, we human cannot be TOO self-satisfaction. If then, we wouldn't want to improve ourselves and we will be 'stucked'.

You don't agree? O.o Hmm, at least that's what my belief. =)

For all those who are sitting exam (same as me), all the best and also GOOD NIGHT~! C=

Craziest Thing Which I'll Not Forget

Me and my friends actually went to watch meteor shower last Tuesday midnight.

When I was waiting for the stars, I am been thinking what I am going to wish later.
"How I wish he could be here NOW" or...
"How I wish everything I wish will come true"... hmmm...
Totally fussed with all these wishes that I don't even dare to think about it. =.=

We waited from 12am. And the venue is... The round-about in front of the Admin Block. LOLS
And you know what, we actually lied down on the road in order to have a better view of the sky. ZZZ
(Should have a photo, otherwise you don't believe =P)

Around 2am or almost 3am (not sure), then some of us started to see stars shooting.
The stars are hardly to be seen as they are too dim, too thin... My eyes almost can't see anything because of tiredness. ><
Eventually, I did saw one, which I can remember and recognize it clearly.
It just... SHOOOO... appears and disappeared. In a blink of an eye.

"Is he watching these stars too?" I think. My as well I ask him and see. =)
I waited for quite some time for his reply. (I already expected)

"What liu xing yu? Got meh? ... Then what wish did you make?" He replied.
OMG, he asked me what I had wished for. Really want to tell him meh?? =O
The truth is... I didn't make any wish on that night. ^^ REALLY!

However, now I got one wish... To receive a message of encouragement from him, and tell me not to worry so much for my exam tomorrow. =D

December 8, 2011

Farewell Party for Ms Ambika

We had our last ENG113 class today. hehe~ XP
Ms. Ambika is so kind that she bought us Big Apple donuts for each and every one of us!!! =D
(so kaya~~~ =P)
She treats us super nice along this semester.
We gonna miss her for sure~~~ ><
Cause she is / or maybe not teaching us for the next semester...

p/s: Although it don't have the icy donut that I love the most, I chose one of the most special one~~ hehe It's Yam flavor~~ Taste like.......... DONUT!!!!! LOLS XDD

December 4, 2011

Nature Republic BB Cream (^-^)

Good evening~!

Share with you a selca of mine after using Nature Republic BB Cream~~~ =)
I just LOVE it!!! ^~^
How about you?

Btw, JYJ was once Nature Republic's ambassador ~~~!!! :D (just for your info) hehe =3

November 29, 2011

MAMA 2011 at Singapore

Firstly, I felt so lucky and a bit happy that I didn't really went to Singapore. Because INFINITE didn't go for MAMA. ><

Recalling what I did last year, watchin' MAMA in my study room with broadband, keep blaming the line so lag...... Hmm... It's one year passed ady! :D

When 2PM walking on the red carpet, I was like screaming and shouting and... Immediately I picked up my phone and called Amy to tell her that I saw 2PM live! She was like, "Really? Where? Don't tell me in your dream ahh...><" HAHA XDD

Amy, you still remember? ^^

Just now I watched MAMA for the first few parts... Not manage to watch it all as the campus line was terribly lousy and lag. Can't compare with broadband laa... =.= I wonder how Yuri oni watch this in her room, using her hostel line. Is it UTP better than NUC?? o.O I'm just saying. =)

Yuri oni keeps on telling me so that I go and watch Hyuna and Seunghyun's special stage. Walau eh~~~ They actually kissed in front of so many billions of eyes!!! >< It's gonna be a hot issue for this week =D

Maybe (if I got time) I will go and download the whole thing and watch it again. ;) 

FYI, the ceremony still on-going. This is the link:
Enjoy ^^

2NE1 rocks! =D
Girls' Generation gorgeous! =3
BEAST charisma! ;D
YOON EUN HYE sexy! =*
MISS A pretty! =S
KIM HYUN JOONG handsome! =P

That's all for now. =)
Gonna go back to do MAT113 revision~
Differentiation and Application of Differentiation.

My New Toe Nail Color

Uh-huh~ Here it is~~~ My new toe nail color!^^

Its bloody red + blinky pink!!! ;D
This is the first time my friend do this for me... It was Yik Ting, my newly hairstylist and nail art designer~~~ LOLS XDD

I personally like this nail art very much =3
How about you?? 8)

It's Tuesday morning! I'm gonna have class from 1pm to 5pm.
Tests will start from tomorrow until friday. Duhh~ ><
Although CSC111 (computer class) may seems very easy to you and me, but it is NOT when you're about to sit for its test. SERIOUSLY!!! @@
I love computer, but I hate computer class......=.=

November 28, 2011

A Day Shopping At Sunway Pyramid

星期六去教会的时候,cell group members讨论要不要第二天去outing。
老实说,我并不是很想去的。但是就是心痒痒。如果不去的话,我星期天又可以做什么呢?o.O 我心这样想……

后来,已经到了“无法婉转”的地步了。最后大家说只剩下我了,如果我不去,这个outing就取消。哈,很压力咧……@@ 那就不扫大家的兴了。去吧~!(听起来很不愿意)因为第二天得7点钟起床准备;大约8点车就来接我。>< 那天晚上我冲好凉,收拾一下东西,都已经快2点了。


第二天早上,我的闹钟铃声已经响了一遍,我却一点动静也没有。身体就是那么地沉重,不想爬起来。=.= 当它响第二次,我终于(不甘愿地)起床了。上了车,一路去sunway,我都慌神慌神地,连说话的力气都省下来了。其他三个人(Jacklyn,Isaiah,Sylvester)也发现平日多话的我突然很安静。

直到吃过了麦当劳早餐(我的最爱!),我才慢慢“醒”了。Jac把车子停在sunway pyramid附近,没有用它的car park,所以我们就走一段路。进去前,我警惕了我自己,不要用太多钱,省些钱去旅行的时候用。本来我还真以为我行的。一开始去starbucks,我没有兴趣。去看相机,我也没兴趣。去Daiso,买了个冷天用的胡手套和cream container(必需品)。钱花在实用的物品上,我不认为是浪费!=)

咦,附近有个Speedy店。走~ ;D 这里的speedy里面不单只卖cds,还有漫画咧!我很久没有买漫画了……就这样,3本RM10,我买了~ ;) 开始慢慢进入状况了………………

后来我们又去Watson、MPH、Popular、Sasa、Etude House、Nature Republic、Jusco……*(^v^)*


这算我头一次真正感觉到血拼!除去我帮朋友家人买的东西后,我还是用了快接近RM200*块@@ 爽了之后的感觉是……心痛……=X

我的午餐也不是很经济哦…… =S

 [雪家燕] 西瓜+燕窝


我真的觉得有些庆幸我没有读在sunway附近的大学…… 不然我的零用钱不单不够,我还要倒贴!哈哈!:D

p/s: 不好意思,你们两个男生都好像和我们女生去逛化妆品店…… ><

Sunway Pyramid里面的圣诞布置 

分享一下我的拍照技术~ ;D

这是我在教会等聚会开始前(无聊)做的事…… =P




不过,欢迎你下次再找我聊哦~ ;D
不管是在laundry,还是在你的房间~~~ 哈哈!XDD



有没有注意到我的blog page有增加了些东西呢?O.o 哈哈


有兴趣的话,就去search一下dingshuhui.blogspot.com吧~ ;D

November 27, 2011


可是,没想到我一迷上他,就喜欢了快五年了!=3 嘻嘻~

打那么多耳洞,也是被他‘影响’的~ 哈哈 XD
想学唱歌,希望有一天能够一起合唱~ (想太多了)+___+
总而言之,他就是那个让我陷入韩风走不出来的原因~ ;D



工作在怎么样忙碌,也不要累坏身子哦~ ;)
永远爱你、守护你的粉丝……上 O:-)

<Protect The Boss>宣传照

酷酷的表情~ =X


在中的字体~ =D


很诱惑人呀~ ASDFGHJKL @@

<HAHAHA>的造型~ :D

我的白衣王子~ ^___^

你看,在中有着Cardcapture Sakura的翅膀~~~ >w< hehehe~~~
不由自主地觉得很高兴~~~ C=

November 19, 2011

It Should Be A Happy Starting...

After about 7 months living here alone in Nilai, finally my whole family is coming to visit me!!! :DD

I am soooooo happy and excited to see them last night. And I had a sweet dream too ^^
Thanks to Yik Ting, who had accompanied me for the past three nights~ C=

Unfortunately, I received a sms from Mumie this morning saying that their flight has delayed. ><
Owwwwwww nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can this happening??!
Our plan for today will be affected (seriously) because of this delay.
I'm wondering how this flight company do their jobs?? O.O
Can it be more efficient? More reliable?? =.=
I am really fed-up now in buying flight tickets...... zz @@

So, what can I do? ... PRAY and WAIT... I suppose...
Hope that it won't bring too much troubles for my cell group members who going to fetch my family... ><

November 13, 2011

10026 ^^

First of all, I wanna THANK YOU all of you who had been reading my blog from time to time. It's my pleasure to have you, who really cares about me and what had happen to me in my life, especially my new life in NUC. ^^

Well, my blog now has reaches 10026 views! :DD
Although not a big number as to compare with others, but I am satisfied with myself.

I want to take this opportunity to stress out one point here. This is my blog, a place/platform where I share my deepest feelings which I couldn't express it out in verbal, but only in words.

I truly hope that everything I shared here WILL NOT be told to others, I mean, you don't tell others what you read here, but you can ask them to read on themselves. Can I trust on you? =)

Thank you very much! ^^ Have a good day~

November 12, 2011

I AM A DREAMER~! +___+

Have you ever dreamed of your favourite bias before?

Well, if YES... Is it once? Twice?? Or Trice??? 8D

If you have know me well, I bet you will know who are my biases! =D
If you don't know... Hmm... I really speechless then. ><

I am a korean fanatic (as you all know). ^^
The reason why I learn korean is because I want to have conversation with my favourite biases IF I meet them SOMEDAY.

Did I told you that I dreamed of Hero before? O.o
I was in secondary school that time.
... but that is the only once that I can remember I dreamed of him... until now... TT^TT

In my early college life, I had been totally crazy for 2PM! Especially Wooyoung.
I 'met' him many times... in my dreams... :P
Unfortunately, I can't recall the dreams now... :'(

After I switched from KK to Nilai, in some kind of coincidence, I get to know INFINITE. :3
And my bias is... Sungjongie~
Surprisingly, who I appeared in my dream wasn't him, but L (Myeongsu)!!!
(I'm sorry, Oni...)
He is truely charming and charisma, I must admit it! ;D


All in all, these are only my DREAMS... U_______U
How I wish it could be true... Could it be? 0.0

Dreams are always beautiful, but they will disappear and seem like never happened before when you awake. 

Do you agree, dreamers? =)

October 31, 2011


是这样的,昨天晚上我发了一个梦…… 算是有够奇怪的!@@

我们就这样,一路上什么话都没有说, 慢慢地来到一个college教室的走廊。
原来我身在IS了!LOL @@

我的梦就停在这里了。有让你感觉很莫名其妙吗??0.0 因为故事情节好像没有直接的关系。zzz

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