July 11, 2018

[Review] Jayjun Cosmetic - Baby Pure Shining Mask

Hello everyone! :)

Let's take skin moisturization to the next level. These days I really can feel and tell the difference when my skin is deeply moist and not.

You will be surprised if I say my pores shrink overnight just because I took a step up on the moisturizing game.

Sheet masks readily offer sufficient moisturization for those who are in a hurry. But for those of you have dry skin or you wish for deep and intensive moisturization, those might be still lacking.

Talking about that, I do have a sheet mask to recommend for those who fall in the above criteria. ;)

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask
Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask | 25ml

See that lovely gradient? So cute!! (*^0^*) I already fell for it in first sight (HAHAHA)

I believe you are no stranger to this brand since it made a craze all over the k-beauty industry like a couple years ago. Particularly, the brand is best known for its high quality sheet mask that often meets expectations. Well, we shall see in a while. :)

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask

This 3-step sheet pack includes (1) Blooming Essence, (2) Intensive Shining Mask, and (3) Hydro Eye Cream.

Super convenient. You can slip it into your on-the-go travel baggage.

First off. Step 01. Jayjun's Blooming Essence.

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask; Blooming Essence
Step 01. Jayjun's Blooming Essence | 블루밍 에센스 | 1.5ml

As you can see (below), the viscosity of the essence is thick, which is similar to watery gel.

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask; Blooming Essence

What you do is, apply the essence in adequate amount, from the inner part towards the outer part of the face. This essence is said to increase the moisture absorption of the skin from the sheet mask which you gonna apply later.

Don't stop there. Moving on to Step 02. Jayjun's Baby Pure Shining Mask.

You will find the sheet mask is fully immersed in highly concentrated essence once you removed it from the packet (as below).

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask
Step 02. Jayjun's Baby Pure Shining Maks | 베이비 퓨어 샤이닝 마스크 | 25ml

The sheet mask does have pleasant fragrance smell to it, but it is not too strong neither causing any discomfort, for me. It does smell just like a high-end product thou!

The sheet mask itself is not too thick nor too thin; I think the thickness is just perfect! Very soft and comfortable on the skin. Also considering quite adhesive and fitting.

Leave on for 10~20 minutes according to the instruction. However, I tend to leave sheet masks on over 20 minutes, provided it doesn't start to dry off.

Since the sheet mask is still moist, I felt wasted if to throw it too soon, so I left it for a longer time instead. Probably for half an hour or more.

Even by the time I removed it, most of the areas still moist, except for my cheeks (I have combination skin, so yeahh).

This is how it looks once removed the sheet mask~~~ Not only my skin is glowy, but also it feels bouncy~ The essence left on the face is not sticky at all. Love it~~ Gently rub and massage down until the neck area.

Now we just left one more step to finish. Step 03. Jayjun's Hydro Eye Cream. Honestly I don't know how to live without eye cream nowadays~ T^T A small step, but it is super relaxing to massage the eye areas, especially after 8-hours (or more) spending on the computer - working. My "healing" moment before bed.

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask; Hydro Eye Cream
Step 03. Jayjun's Hydro Eye Cream | 하이드로 아이크림 | 1.5ml

Just like how you see from the photo (below), the viscosity of the eye cream is unlike the essence earlier; not only it appears in innocent white, but also it has much thicker texture.

Despite of it thick texture, the eye cream is light and feels like melting once touches the skin. Smooth and not oily.

Review; Jayjun Cosmetic's Baby Pure Shining Mask; Hydro Eye Cream

Jayjun Cosmetic made it clear by disclosing their ingredient combination to this eye cream: Sodium hyaluronate, Trehalose and Lavender extract - which not only retain moisture, but also provide extra care around the eye areas.

Overall, I really enjoy the whole intensive moisturizing process. I can really see the difference right away, and even on the next day. Skin moisture level being replenished to the maxxx.. And at the same time, gentle on the skin and not sticky. Love love love~~~

I bought it from South Korea for KRW15,000/box (10 pcs) (approx. RM50++). Now this product is also available at Watson Malaysia.


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Definitely recommended for intensive skin hydrating. Functional skincare.

Repurchase: I am thinking to restock my stash soon!!

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