December 31, 2011

Spring Blossom ::*Sakura*:: Theme

Shadow of Me

Hey hey hey~~~ It's the LAST DAY of 2011!!! :DD
Are you ready to step into 2012? ......

By the way, I have re-design my blog, a spring titled theme to welcome the whole new year~~~
As you all know, Spring Blossom (a.k.a Sakura) only blooms during Spring season.
It's also the national flower for Japan~! (I guess this is common sense) =D

What are my last words for this year......? O.o (thinking hard of it)

Not really particular in my mind now though.
This year just passed through like wind... shoooo... and its 31st of December 2011. ><

Something remarkable events for me this year are...
==> Went to Institute Sinaran (January-April) - studied SAM for 4 months
==> Left I.S.
==> Went to Nilai University College - lived in hostel for the first time in my life!
==> Get to know INFINITE (Korean Boy Group)
==> Chance to meet one guy who really makes me go crazy for him... zzz
==> Went to Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, and Zhu Hai with family
==> Went to stay in friend's house for the very first time... :s
==> .........

So... Ya, that's about it. :D
The time is 9:00pm now; still have 3 hours left.
HURRY UP, if you still have things which are undone yet! =P

And will meet ya next year~~ Bye bye ::+^~^+::

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