February 15, 2020

[Review] MUJI 无印良品 Gel Cleansing

Hello everyone.
Today I will be reviewing MUJI's Gel Cleansing. I must say, this is by far my favourite face cleansing gel.

Review; MUJI 无印良品 Gel Cleansing

Product Description

This is a mild face cleansing gel, that gently removes makeup and dirt.

It contains apricot juice and peach leaf extract as natural moisturizing components. 

Reasons why I enjoy using MUJI's product is because it is sensitive skin friendly.

・Fragrance free
・Artificial color free
・Mineral oil free
・Mildly acidic 
・Alcohol free


Review; MUJI 无印良品 Gel Cleansing

Their packaging is living to the brand's philosophy - minimalist. 

No excess or fancy packaging - just a plastic tube with all the product information you need to know.

Texture & Scent

Review; MUJI 无印良品 Gel Cleansing

It has this slippery gel texture, that glides on dry skin smoothly.

Surprisingly, it has this fresh out of the garden citrus scent. The scent is very mild.


Take an appropriate amount, about a coin-size, on your palm. Apply evenly on dampen skin face. Massage in circular motion. It doesn't give you any bubble. Then, rinse thoroughly with water.

Review; MUJI 无印良品 Gel CleansingReview; MUJI 无印良品 Gel Cleansing

Personal Experience

This cleansing gel formula doesn't strip off skin moisture, while leaving the skin a fresh and breathable skin.

Personally I prefer to use it in the morning, to be greeted by the fresh citrus scent. It's definitely a good start for the day.

Where to purchase?

I bought this from Japan for ¥590 (approx. RM22). This product is now available on MUJI Malaysia for RM29.90.


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: For daily face cleansing.

Repurchase: Highly possible.

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