March 1, 2012

닥치고 꽃미남밴드 (Shut Up! Flower Boy Band) - Say 3! Lee Hyun-Su

Hey, it's been quite some time since I've posted about Joo Byung-Hee. =)
Thank you for those who has read the post! ^^ Its been a pleasure for me to receive your attention here...

Now, I would like to introduce to you another character in this drama - 닥치고 꽃미남밴드 (Shut Up! Flower Boy Band). Yesss, he is the guitarist, Lee Hyun-Su!! =D

Is this pretty face familiar to you? =3
I wanna elaborate here one thing. The actor who plays the role of Lee Hyun-Su is non-other than INFINITE's vocal, L (Kim Myung-Su)!!! XDD

In the drama, Hyun-Su is describe as a cool guy who doesn't talk much. Therefore, he is well-known as the Ice Prince. He has great passion in music. He will skip class in order to gain more time to practice his guitar skills.

Besides, he cares a lot about his friends. When he and his members know that it was their rival, Park from Strawberry Fields, who is behind the death of Byung-Hee, they couldn't hide their anger and they decided to give the Park guy a lesson for that. However, their plan was been discovered and stopped by their leader, Jae-Hyuk.

Hyun-Soo has a very adorable sister. He loves his sister very much, just like a father to her. You can see him carrying his sister or taking her for a walk around the neighborhood in the drama. How I wish I could have a brother like him too~~~ >w<

Aha, this full of charismatic sense girl is Kim Ye-Jin (role-played by Kim Ye-Rim), a popular singer. Together with Hyun-Su, they will be developing a love line in the drama. They first met was in an accident. (To know the details, please watch Ep. 6). So how would they developed to be a couple then? I'm really curious about it... =3

Well, I guess its roughly we can know about Lee Hyun-Su for the moment. So far 8 episodes have already aired in the TV.

Inspirits, do support our charming L with his latest drama, alright? ^^ Hwaiting~!

p/s: All photos credit to the owner.

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