September 2, 2015

[Review] Mentholatum Maxilip

Product: Mentholatum Maxilip

Function: Lip care, moisturizing. Good for crack-lips.

Color: None.

Price range: Around RM18.90

Review: I love this product straight on-the-spot! It serves as lip balm and gives long lasting lip moisturizing. I was having severe crack-lip lately, and once I start applying this, I could observe the result within hours. Now my crack-lip has improved alot. No more dried lip skin peeling off :DD


  1. hi~ i'm here to visit u =P
    i'm not sure whether the reason of lips cracking is due to that we spend whole day long in air-con. room. bcos previously i did not experience this so severely. but once i started working, i also having crack-lips severely. and yes, i bought this lipstick as well. haha it does help a lot.
    Anyway, pls take care =)

    1. wow thank you for your visit my dear ^^
      yaya I supposed so :/ day-in day-out contact with air-con..
      hopefully this product helps :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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