December 20, 2015

[Online Shopping]

This was quite sometime ago already.

Ever since my last online shopping on Gmarket, I am very much fascinated with the whole "online shopping" idea. The moment when receiving my parcel, it was so excited, meanwhile, I just can't wait to open it up and see what's inside. It feels like receiving presents/gifts, but only you are the one who bought yourself a present/gift.

It was approaching my birthday. This year, I wish to buy myself some accessories, those good quality ones which can be kept long, but within my affordability (plus, I wasn't earning income at the moment). So, something simple yet quality. Where to get? What to buy?

Then I thought of this online shopping website, I came across few product advertisements, and I remembered it sells fancy accessories. So, I gave it a shot.

The website is very organized. To get the best search results, utilize the filter tool.
I want accessories on my hand. Maybe a bracelet. I think rose gold is a very femine and fancy color. Better to be RM100 or below.
Pop! Pop! Pop! Put all these details in, and I get my customized-filtered search results.

At the end, I found myself a piece which satisfied my above requisitions.

Filling up all the billing details, the days of waiting started. Fortunately, offers free sms-notification on the delivery status. It nudges me when my parcel sets off for dispatch. From there on, I can keep track from time to time.

Since it was dispatched from Peninsular Malaysia, it took nearly 2 weeks to reach my place. Guess should be the standard dispatch duration. Thank God, my parcels reached safely! ^^

this is how my first parcel looks like

"Unboxing" shot
Birthday presents from me

**Side note: I bought a watch as well, but the unboxing shots I captured were blur, so skip the posting part. Move on...

Since the two items were bought from different suppliers, items were sent separately without extra charges. First, I received the bracelet, then few days later, came the watch.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the goods and the service. To show my appreciation and support to the website, I submitted my product reviews afterwards. 

**Side note: I read a lot of reviews before purchasing online. I really appreciate people who wrote their reviews. That's why I am doing the same thing as well. :)

Overall, it was a really satisfied and pleasing experience shopping online with

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