September 18, 2016

[Seoul] Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走! Day 1.1

Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走!

안녕하세요 여러분! \^0^/
Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!

I have just came back from Seoul, Korea.

Together with my friend and now-colleague, Cong Min,
we "conquered" our mission - 
traveling to South Korea all by our own!

From now onwards, I will be updating my travel journals
and share with you the places we went and the journey we set off.

(meaning to say, I won't be writing beauty product reviews for the meantime, alrights?)

Let's GOOOOO!!!


September 8-9, 2016 (Thursday-Friday)

We booked our flight like 2 months before travelling date.
Flight tickets cost us roughly RM1,500+ per person, round trip.

We actually thought "it is a good deal" at first,
until we learned that people actually get WAY BETTER deals
IF they purchase the flight ticket like ONE (1) year earlier

I'm not a person that could tell what I'm gonna do in one year time,
so... count me off...

We are taking Easter Jet from Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI)
to Incheon International Airport (ICN).

Flight time is 12:45AM.
(midnight flight babe)

We are early, and we waited outside the departure hall.
In fact, we were always told to arrive at airport for at least 2 hours before flight time,
but I don't know why O.O
Everything went so smooth, and we were bore to death in the airport...zzz

When it's time, we get on-board,
and there goes 5-hour on the plane.

Since Easter Jet is a budget airline,
there is no monitor/screen available for movie T^T
(can't compare with Asiana)

So I slept for the whole journey.

After 5 hours.......

The flight attendant happily announced that we have reached our destination.

Minor episodes happened in between,
but I rather don't bore you to death
(like what they did to meyyy heh :p)


First thing first, we need DATA!
Before this, we already decided to rent/buy Data Prepaid SIM.

Soon after we walked out from the Arrival Hall,
we could see the Telcom booth just located in front of it.

Apparently they increased the rate :(
And policy changed as well.

Instead of renting a Data SIM card,
now they only sell Data SIM card.
No more renting service.

We bought the 10-Days Data Prepaid SIM plan,
which costs us KRW38,500 per SIM card (tax inclusive).

Why we don't go for the EGG (portable wifi)?
We thought bringing a portable wifi
and charging it once it's battery is off,
the whole thing itself is very inconvenient @@

Why not plug in your Data SIM card,
then you can enjoy full roaming of data at all time?

Plus, there is unlimited usage of data under this Data Prepaid SIM plan.

Once we got our SIM card done,
we are good to go.

You gonna be amaze with the lightings here!
BTW it is just a tunnel connecting from one hall to another.

Since we gonna take public transport for the whole trip,
we need a T-money card!

*T-money is like Touch N' Go in Malaysia.

My T-money card is a fluffy brown bear,
LINE character, Brown.

Don't forget to charge your T-money!
FYI the card itself has no credit value in it.
You have to charge it and reload whenever necessary.

BTW, milk in Korea is delicious~
I enjoyed 서을우유 (Seoul Milk) alot!
And I bet you know 바나나맛우유 (Banana Milk) already?
Sure you do :D

While waiting for Cong Min to retrieve her travel notes,
I was glancing through the benefits given for KT Olleh Telco users.

There are discount coupons for entrance tickets,
dining restaurants and live music show.

Meanwhile, they provide free streaming for selected KPOP albums.
For instance, we got the ones below.
(no BTS? hmmm not under genie)

After long battle with her gadgets,
Cong Min retrieved her notes and we are ready to go.

From Incheon International Airport to Seoul,
you can either
(1) take direct train (higher cost, shorter time)
(2) take all-stop train (lower cost, longer time)

We took AREX which also known as the all-stop airport railroad express.
With T-money, you can get KRW100 discount for every ride.

For instance, from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station,
it costs KRW4,250 per trip.

If you use T-money, you will only be charged for KRW4,150 per trip.
KRW100 automatically discounted.

The trip takes around 55 minutes, 11 stations to reach Seoul.

Train available in every 10~15 minutes.

We just take our time and enjoy the trip! ^^

Those are NOT our luggages >_<
The grey on the right is mine.
Cong Min's is hidden behind mine, at the back.

I brought a BIG suitcase
cause I'm afraid I have too many things to carry...
(after shopping spree, for instance heh)

I should say,
Cong Min she is a dependable person.
You can definitely count on her!
(and I'm a good follower HAHAHA, or maybe not)

She did homework beforehand, and wrote it down in note.
So we follow the direction written.

We caught up in airport for quite some time,
by the time we reached our guesthouse,
it was already 12:30PM.

Although the check-in time supposed to be on 3PM,
but the owner he said our room is ready,
and showed us our room right away.

The room size is exactly how you visualize this photo.
Washroom door on the left.
Around 1.5 feet space more from the bed end.

It is not spacious, but I think it's just enough for two person.
We were satisfied throughout our 5-night stay over there.

BTW, the name of the guesthouse is Seoul Global Hostel.
It costs us KRW262,500 for 5 nights, two persons.
Roughly RM97 per night, per person.
The rate includes breakfast.


That's all for now.
Thank you and hope you enjoy reading :)
Please look forward to the next post!


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