November 12, 2017

[Review] Innisfree - Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask

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I am already a fan of Innisfree's It's Real Squeeze mask sheets, how about its travel friendly capsule recipe pack?

Today I will be reviewing on Innisfree's signature capsule recipe pack - the Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask.

Review; Innisfree's Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask
Innisfree's Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask | 이니스프리 진액 캡슐 팩 (워시 오프) 화산송이 | 10 ml

You would notice there are plenty of skincare products out there featuring volcanic clay as an ingredient for pore care. It is said to have to ability to clean and get rid of pore-clogging impurities (wow!).

This volcanic clay consists of pure Jeju volcanic scoria, which are fairly rare ingredient formed from lava as it cools resulting after a volcanic eruption.

This is how it works. It has a powerful sebum-absorbing capacity which it absorbs the impurities and being washes away at the end of the treatment. Without leaving the skin dry and over-tighten, it also moisturizes the skin, leaving it cleaner and healthier. (reference here)

Speaking of this, Innisfree has another packing of volcanic pore clay mask - a bigger packing as below.

Now you may ask, what's the purpose of having a much smaller capsule size?

Personally, I thought smaller size does have its purposes: (1) Portable travel friendly size; (2) Less possibility for the clay mask to dry up before emptying; (3) More hygienic because of less usage to empty the product.

Review; Innisfree's Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask

For your information, one capsule is sufficient for 2-3 uses. For instance, 3 times for my case.

I bought this capsule for quite some time already. By the time I opened it, the clay mask appeared to be harden and clumpy, not as creamy and liquid as it was. (my fault for keeping it for too long T.T)

Review; Innisfree's Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask

Thankfully it is not completely dried up. I scooped up a portion of the clay mask and started to mash it on my palm. The clay mask was still adhesive, which means it is still usable.

Here's how you do:
1. After washing your face, spread and massage the mask evenly on your face.

2. Insert the lid into the slit of the container and close it to keep the remaining fresh for the next use.

3. Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes.

I applied it for 3 consecutive nights in order to finish up the capsule before drying up. Personally, I thought it is a relative good quality clay mask. The texture is really smooth and refine. Mild on the skin. When it is drying up, it won't crack - giving the illusion that it retrieves your skin moisture.

The result is promising. After rinsing, my skin doesn't feel dry at all. Besides, I do observed it appeared less oily around the pores and my skin felt clean and smooth after the treatment.

Bear in mind, it is insufficient to depend on clay mask solely in treating oily skin problems. Try to identify the cause(s) of your oily skin problems would be the recommended way to overcome it in a long term.

This product is available on Innisfree concept stores, Hermo and Althea.


Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Highly recommended for oily skin.

Repurchase: Yes, definitely.

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Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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