September 30, 2019

[Monthly Project] #37 Products That I've Finished in 2019 Part III

Monthly Project (September 2019)

#37 September 2019 Beauty Empties

Yasss I am back with another empties post, BUT what's special about this episode??

It's special JUST BECAUSE we have bring this to another level. Yasss we are on YouTube channel NOW!!

What are you waiting for? Sit back and watch my latest video on beauty empties NOW!! Available on both English and Chinese caption.

What you can expect from this video:
  • Products which I have emptied or discarded in September 2019;
  • Product price (in the description box);
  • Some of my personal recommendations.

Disclaimer. As I'm writing now, I do not have intention to shift to become an avid beauty YouTuber, it's all because I don't have time to film and edit video.

Let me know what you think about this video! :)

Stay tuned for more beauty updates and I will see you around!

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