November 25, 2019

[Event] Butterfly X AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop 🦋🧘🏻‍♀️

Hello everyone!

Rewind back to 2 weeks earlier when I attended the Butterfly Project X AHC Beauty Ritual Workshop

photo credit to fishmeatdie

In this post, I will be covering the event run down and (the highlight, of course) the steps of Beauty Ritual.

Continue reading to find out more!

Before I begin, shout out to the "Mamasan"-figure of our beauty blogger community - Tammy, for making this possible. I must say, what a thrill to be part of this overwhelming community!! (feels good to belong)

photo credit to fishmeatdie


Introducing AHC, a Korean skincare brand that combines private aesthetic spa experience with dermatological knowledge, creating thoughtful formulation for the best skincare results. ⚗️

With its carefully developed and perfected products, AHC has rose and becoming the most loved skincare brand in Korea, as well as the fastest growing skincare brand in the world! I myself just came across this brand early this year whilst it gains sky-rocket popularity for its sunstick and eye cream.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project, we are here to learn more about AHC's best seller eye cream for face in this session.

"No.1 Eye Cream in Korea. One sold every 2 seconds in Korea." - AHC.

photo credit to fishmeatdie

The venue is aesthetically decorated, creating the peaceful and zen environment.

Each of us have a "work desk" where we can play around with the products.

 Featured Products 

  • AHC's The Real Eye Cream for Face (Pure);
  • AHC's Premium Hydra B5 Toner; and
  • AHC's Premium Hydra B5 Lotion.

Thanks to Yee Ming, the brand presenter, who professionally walk us through the brand awareness and product features.

Our eyes on the screen where the video clip teaches us the 9 Steps of Beauty Ritual.

Below is the beauty ritual steps printed handout.


  1. APPLICATION: Apply lines of cream under the eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin.
  2. NECK: Massage the neck from the front to the back, applying pressure using the palms of your hands.
  3. FACE: Massage from center of face outwards - applying pressure towards the temples - behind the ears, and continuously towards the contour of the jawline and chin.
  4. EYE BAGS: Stroke the lower frame of the eyes with ring finger, increasing the pressure towards the temples and lifting the eye brows.
  5. EYELIDS: Gently press the upper frame of the eyes and eye lids, towards the temples.
  6. MOUTH: Using the middle finger to lift the corners of your mouth to prevent laugh lines, and to draw blood circulation to the mouth area to make your lips fuller.
  7. NOSE: Apply pressure at the nose on each side and stroke upwards.
  8. FACE: Form a fist, and stroke the forehead upwards using the soft part of the knuckles.
  9. EAR: Make a peace sign. Place fingers between the ear and massage.
  10. NECK + SHOULDER: Face to the right (45 degrees) keeping the body and shoulders facing forward. Place your right hand behind the left ear, stroke down to the neck and towards the shoulders. Apply generous amount of pressure to release tension around the neck and lymph nodes. Repeat the same on the other side.

Don't bother to read? I GOT YA! Check out my video here. :3

photo credit to fishmeatdie

The very last step of beauty ritual is to take a minute - close your eyes and just leave your thoughts aside (I really enjoy this step, with the zen music playing at the background).

And we got a note once opened our eyes.

"Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions."


It's been a while since I put myself away from tangled thoughts and busy work life. Hence I do appreciate more when this workshop reminds me the importance of alone-time and self-love.

Thank you Butterfly Project and AHC!

With my seat-mate today, Cathy @homesickitten



With lovely kitty Cathy (@homesickitten); photo credit to fishmeatdie

The girls squad with Cathy (@homesickittenand Nina (@glambynanz)

With this sweetie, Amanda (@honeybeesnaily)

With the shiny beauty blogger and talented photographer Eros (@fishmeatdie)

What a fun and rewarding session.
It wouldn't be so without each and everyone of you.

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