June 13, 2020

[Tea Store] Matcha Hero Kyoto, Pavilion KL

soulmatehyeon; matcha hero kyoto pavilion kl

Honestly, I am not a big fan of matcha.
We are here today just because my friend she was told the matcha here is one of the best in town.

With much expectation we went there and ordered Matcha Ice Cream and Matcha Latte.

Goshh, I am so impressed with the authenticity,
from the drink preparing procedure to the taste itself.

So gooood

soulmatehyeon; matcha hero kyoto pavilion kl

If you are a match lover, make sure you check out this humble tea store at Pavilion.
The store itself is more like a drink kiosk, located at the Japanese village.

Geez, that was a quick one.
Signing off now.

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