October 31, 2020

October 31 Blessed


It's October.
It's the second best month of the year, after December.

Trying to pen down with pictures.
Don't want this part of memory fades as time goes.

Don't think I shared before, but if I may choose,
I would go for Italian as my go-to favourite cuisine.

Emmy and I we went to had my favourite pasta in town.
I was longing to try their pesto pasta as far as I could remember.
And finally!

pesto pasta

She had Carbonara and this was one of their go-to signature.

carbonara pasta

Why do we need cake when we can have something else?

How romantic is it?

birthday dessert

This is a makeup gift box by a Chinese brand Catkin.
I always adore their packaging.
(and I didn't expect that you remember!)


The gift box consists of an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and two eyebrow pencils.



This acrylic jewelry organizer is absolutely what I need on my dressing table.
Minimalistic is all we are, aren't we?
Now I just need more accessories to fill this up.

acrylic accessory organizer

Guess what.

minimalist lab

I'm over-the-moon to receive this necklace! (you're are my honey pumpkin!)

minimalist lab

minimalist lab

More sweetness? Why not..!

Never had I tried their ice-cream before,
and I get to try 4 of them at once!
(you are such a sweetie~)

inside scoop

Thank you for making this October a special one.
It's so blessed to have you all in my life.


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