September 21, 2011

∞ INFINITE's Profile and Facts ∞

Infinite (인피니트) is a seven member South Korean pop boy group under Woollim Entertainment, which is also home to other talents such as Epik High and Nell. The group consists of 7 members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo/L, and Sungjong. INFINITE's official fan club name is 'Inspirit'.

Kim Sunggyu (Leader, Main vocal)

L / Kim Myeongsoo (Main vocal, Group's visual)

 Nam Woohyun (Main vocal)

 Lee Seongyeol (Vocal)

Lee Sungjong (Vocal, Maknae)

Jang Dongwoo (Rapper, lead dance)

Hoya (Rapper, Vocal, Lead dancer)

Before their official debut, Infinite revealed themselves with their own reality show shown on Mnet reality documentary program: "You’re My Oppa". INFINITE's 'face of the group', L, was featured in Epik High's Run Music Video, along with members Sung Gyu, Woo Hyun and Sung Jong as the instrument players. Members Dongwoo and Hoya were background dancers for Epik High during the promotions of "Run".

[MV] Epik High - Run

FYI, Sungjong is the one who plays piano in the music video. =)

INFINITE got their first music award on 1st of September 2011 in M! Countdown while they are promoting <Be Mine>. They won again for the second time in M! Countdown the next week, 8th of September 2011. Congratulation~~!!!^^

[MV] INFINITE - BTD (Before The Dawn)

[MV] INFINITE - Come Back Again

[MV] INFINITE - Nothing's Over

[MV] INFINITE - She's Back


Fun facts about INFINITE:
∞ The boys almost didn't debut under the name Infinite, but rather under a name like Supersonic, I-pop or Blackberry.

∞ Dongwoo's sister used to be a dancer and he learned how to dance from her.

∞ Sungjong slammed the door a couple of times when Woohyun tried to ask him to do something.
∞ There was a high-class look & an eccentric feeling about L at first but when he starts to speak in his regional dialect, he seems more human-like.

∞ It took two hours to shoot the rain scehe for Come Back Again MV, and the boys were singing live at that time.
∞ Sunggyu has never thought of anything else but being a singer.

∞ Myungsoo had interest towards being an entertainer rather than a singer.
∞ Sungyeol likes a younger girl than a nuna.

∞ Hoya will use his free time to practice even harder while other members go out for playing.
∞ Sungyeol is the last member who join Infinite.

∞ For Sunggyu love is 1st, then friendship, fame and money.
∞ Because Sunggyu laughs a lot normally, it's strange for him to be mad.

∞ Sunggyu has a very sensitive skin and he has allergy to metal.

∞ Hoya likes to practice untill late. So he overslept a lot.

∞ Sungyeol is the one who loves bullying his managers and his members.
∞ Myungsoo is the member who eats a lot.

∞ Hoya always thinks that he has the best body among the members.
∞ The reason why Sungjong never update his twitter again after his 1st tweet because his notebook is broken.

∞ Time when Sungjong thinks that he look good is when he's looking in the mirror after showering in the morning.
∞ L's role model is dbsk.

∞ Sungjong is super photogenic and he can spot camera anywhere.
∞ Sungyeol was in Acting part of SM Academy once before.

∞ L was in God of Study, but his part was cut.
∞ Woohyun is starting to influence Sungjong and it makes Sunggyu worry.

∞ Sungjong loves Michael Jackson's songs 'Beat It' and 'Ben' the most.

∞ Sungjong wanted to keep the desert fox on Comeback Again MV as his pet.
∞ Actually the maknae (Sungjong) usually take care with the dishes.

∞ You can't force the maknae to do something because it's gonna make you crazy hearing his grumble.
∞ The time when opinions clash within the boys is when they're trying to decide what to eat.

∞ L was similar to Deathnote L when he was a trainee with his long hair and all.

∞ The member who is the cleanest among the boys is nobody. So the cleanest one is the manager. =P
∞ Sungyeol fears of ghosts.

∞ Woohyun favorite song is Kim Bumsoo - Oasis.
∞ Dongwoo ever ripped his pants while he was dancing on MBC's Infinity Girls.

∞ Dongwoo's nickname at school was WooDong.

∞ Sunggyu was in the school band named 'Beat' when he was in Senior High School.

∞ The 1st thing that Sungjong wants to do when he gets a GF is eating kimbap that his GF made. ;D
∞ Dongwoo is know as the 'gummed angel' among the boys because he has a beautiful smile

∞ Sunggyu's biggest reason for singging with WoollimEnt is because of Nell.

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