April 26, 2012

4月25日——Foundation Night

I had my first exam paper today!! >_< Moral subject... Since the marks is not counted in CGPA, so I didn't put a lot effort on it... =s Aiming for a pass, maybe a high B or a low B, that's all. =)

Soon after the exam ends (3.30pm), we all are busying preparing ourselves for the Foundation Night. Joyce and I are going to perform a Korean song named <Someday>, sang by IU.

 Before our performance...

We are the second performance of the day. Still very nervous as there is not enough microphone for two person! @@ At last, we decided to sing without mic since no one else understand this language (please......) =P

I would say, the performance was good and I wanna thank all my classmates for their supports!! ^^ Of course, not to forget our lovely Joyce~~~ =D Good job! ;)
Jodee, Stalie Shu Yi and Me

This is how we 'buli' Joyce... XP with Woon Ting, Jodee, Stalie, Joyce and Me

Three housemates... Emmy, Huey Wen and Me

True, we had a lot of fun that night!! =D Singing, eating, dancing, laughing, drama-ing... Even two of our lecturers came to support our event too~ I bet they like enjoy the night either!!

When the event is about to end, all of us started to sing songs together --- Westlife <Seasons in the Sun>. Sing along session~ LOLS xD Lights are off, hands in hands we sing together. Seems like most of them are touched that time. The atmosphere is making people want to cry unintentionally... >< But I didn't. I heard that some of us are going to leave NUC and proceed their degree somewhere else. Aha, that's why everyone are so 'emo'... hmm...

Looking scary... >__<

Yik Ting and Me

Joyce and Me (after our performance...)

Master Vikash and his pets... XP Can you guess what kind of pets are we?? =O

Group photo!  (p/s: click the photo for a bigger view)

All the best guys!! ^^

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