April 15, 2012

Weekend at Ipoh

This is a post which I should post it earlier this April. I'm sorry about the late. Do you noticed that I'm not that active in Blogging during 30 May 'til 1 April? Technically, I went for a trip that time. Wanna know more? Read-up this one ;)


After negotiate and discuss with my parents, I'm 'released' to go to Perak~~~

Now, I'm back from Perak~:D
So great to come back to my room (a.k.a hostel)~ LOLS
Seriously, I turned to love my campus more after this trip to UTP. ><

Briefly talk about what I've been through during my last adventurous trip here...

When I reached Batu Gajah (KTM Station), Suk Xuan Oni is already there, waiting.
She and her friends rent a car to fetch me, and brought me to Ipoh jalan-jalan.
But here comes a BIG question, none of them know the way to Ipoh.@@ Alamak...
Ming Ee, the girl who drove us, brought her own map and slowly, dangerously, blindly... we find our way to Ipoh. 
Does it sounds exciting to you? :0 It's not the END yet!

They planned to bring me to the new JUSCO there (a.k.a AEON). And AGAIN, they do not know the exact way.
So by trier and error, U-turn and another U-turn, finally we reached there safely. =s
I had an enjoyable shopping time there, bought the first eye-liner and make-up remover in my life!xD

After that, since I requested to do manicure and nail art, they brought me to Ipoh Parade.
Oni highly recommended me to go there and do nail art as it's price is quite cheap.
RM38 for a pair of nail arts (for fake nails).
At last, I picked 'sweet pink' which I think it will suits my newly bought Hello Kitty T-shirt perfectly well=3

Pink & White Nail Art

Of course, we tasted the famous steamed herbal chicken here, 盐炬鸡。Wonderful.
And, 瓦煲鸡饭。Fantastic taste. Probably because I was so hungry that time...@@ hehe

The same crisis arose after we finished our dinner.
"Actually... What is the way to go back to campus?" :o
OMG, how should I know?!

From about 10pm til 12am, we were on the road struggling searching for the way to go back.
Thank God (I really mean it) for the safe journey back to the hostel.
We were all totally exhausted on that single day trip.
Luckily Elwin, the one guy among four of us, is there to drive us back.
I was too tired, and I actually slept in the car without a sense of getting lost in this unknown place. zzz

Well, I was acknowledged that I would spend the whole Saturday in the campus, not going out.
So, woke up at 10am, had brunch, staying in the room, watching INFINITE First Invasion Concert clip.
I would comment, it was so meaningless staying in the room. No WiFi connection, but land-line internet connection. It was a surprise that I can survive from it!=.=
Ah, yupe FOOD. The food here at Perak is overall cheaper than Nilai's. But the one food variety you can get in UTP will be Malay dishes.

Ta-dah~ And its Sunday!
Another worry came to me since Saturday night. They told me that they couldn't rent a car to send me to the KTM Station@@ What?!
At the end, I took a taxi ALONE BY MYSELF (in this totally unfamiliar place).
Thank God again, for the protection and presence of Him be with me always=)

Q1: Do I regret to go Ipoh for my weekend?
50:50. As I said, I enjoyed myself alot as in term of shopping. At the meantime, alot of disappointments too.=(

Q2: What will you rate/describe for this trip?
An adventurous, dangerous, special one.

Q3: Which part of UTP you think is better than NUC?
Larger campus compound, high technology learning centers, cheaper living expenses. (my own opinion)

Q4: Which part of NUC you think is better than UTP?
Newer hostel facilities, Internet connection, variety of food,  availability of transportation. (my own opinion)

Thanks for reading^-^

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