May 7, 2012

5月7日——Piano House (Dream House #1)

Update myself to you first ;)

I reached Kota Kinabalu (KK) safely on Saturday afternoon. So glad to be back again to my hometown although I'll miss my room very much (seriously) =p Finds nothing better than home... when mumie is in the house to get ready things for you, clothes can be washed by washing machine, car available to drive you to the place you wish to go, all sorts of delicious foods... =3 Well, honestly there are also things which I would make me to prefer to stay in my hostel too, like own space, air-conditioner, wifi... Yeah~ The good and the bad =)

Gonna spend nearly a month here. Got some things need to be done before I go back to school. At the meantime, I'm still enjoying my holiday now as I really do not have school stuffs which bother me. Yay~! =D Relief from assignments and all sorts of school issues..! The only thing which I'm worrying is, whether to watch this movie first, or that one? =s Duh~~~ xD

Going back to my main topic for today --- Dream House!! Let you see pictures which I got from the Internet.. =)

Day view

Night view

WOW!!! It is awesome, isn't it? ^o^

Actually, its structure is a combination of piano and violin. I pretty amazed with the design of this house and wonder where is this located. At least I can visit it in the future, maybe? o.O

So, who can buy me this? I will marry the person for return!! >~<
Just kidding bah~ =p Btw, who dare to marry me, or who is willing to do so? =.= kekeke

Just for sharing purpose. Thanks =)

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