May 21, 2012

Angora Rabbit (^~^)

What is Angora Rabbit? How do they look like? ... Please say you are curious to know about it ^@^ 

Have a look at this pic first... =3

See? How cute it is... >w< I almost dead when I saw this pic..................... Can you imagine it's size actually is only slightly bigger/taller than the correction liquid??? SUPER DUPER CUTEEEEE!!!

The first time I heard of Angora Rabbit is from my younger sister. She came to know this cute creature when she is doing her school project. The sad fact is, this little creature is facing critical danger nowadays which is EXTINCTION!! Poor thing...... Although many people keen to take them as their pet rabbit, their reproduction seems like going down and I am not sure what is the main reason for that. >_<

Anyway, I wish such adorable creature will not extinct in the near future. And I truly want to see, feel and touch them once~~~~~~~ Or maybe, can I have one too as my pet rabbit? I'll sure treasure it and take very good care of it. =D HAHAHA

By the way, I've got my result slip today. Thank God for the good result I've got. Honestly, I don't have much expectancy on my both English subjects (I know where's my language standard). But still, when I saw the grades, I almost fall on my knees. Seriously, this is more than enough, more than I expected. Officially, I waved 'good-bye' to my foundation year, and waiting to greet 'hello' to my first year of degree. This will be tougher than before, but I'm ready for it. =)


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