October 27, 2018

[Review] CP-1 - Salon Color Treatment (Red Brown)

Hello everyone! :)

When I posted this on Instagram earlier this month, some showed interest on this hair color treatment product, which motivates me to quickly pen it down and share this with you on the blog.

Review; CP-1's Salon Color Treatment (Red Brown)
CP-1's Salon Color Treatment (Red Bown) | 씨피-원 살롱 컬러 트리트먼트 레드 브라운 | 50ml

Read on to find out does this hair color product works. :)

Nowadays people do hair color like nobody's business. Cool, there's nothing wrong with it - as long as you take care of the scalp.

Well, face it, long term hair dye and bleaching do hurt our hair scalp. It's like a "no pain no gain" game.

Furthermore, you need to maintain the color from fading, especially for those bright colors, i.e. pink, purple, green, blue, etc...

See those Korean idols do their hair? That is the result of hard work maintenance. No secret. It costs lots of money too.

Well, we are no idols or runway models. If there is a way to keep the hair color from fading - easy, accessible, not hurting the scalp and without costing a bunch - gimme that right away!

No secret I bought lots of stuffs from Althea Korea website. They used to sell special bundles and boxes for different themes. Last year November (oh my goodness it's been so long already), I managed to purchase this "Little Mermaid Hair Styling Set" for RM58 which consists of 3 items:

  1. Tony Moly's Argan Rose Steam Pack;
  2. CP-1's Color Treatment (Red Brown); and
  3. mise-en-scene's Perfect Serum (Rose).

Very value-for-money hair set I would say.

Right moving to the product description of our subject today. First, let's see what does CP-1 has to say about it.

"This product will give you a luxury color and soft, shiny, vibrant hair. An easy-to-use, color reviving coating formula that boosts tone and adds shine to color-treated hair." - CP-1.

Not to confuse with hair dye, this product is much more like a color enhancement product.

For instance, I dyed my hair red brown earlier in August this year, but soon I noticed my hair color fades to brown after a few weeks.

In this case, CP-1's Salon Color Treatment will come in handy to bring back the color.

Now let me show you the formula (below).

Review; CP-1's Salon Color Treatment (Red Brown)Review; CP-1's Salon Color Treatment (Red Brown)

It smells like sweet candy and the formula is like a hair conditioner with pigment. In the photos, I apply it using bare hands, but do mind that it does leave stain, and the stain roughly takes about 1 day to be fully washed off. If you have those disposable gloves, do use them for to avoid leaving stains on your hands.

To use, apply generous amount onto towel-dried hair. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and proceed to dry your hair without using any additional hair conditioner / treatment.

And the result??

Before (left) vs After (right)

For my case, I left the color treatment for more than 30 minutes because I have stubborn hair. They don't "eat up" color easily (mehhh).

I can definitely see more red showing on my hair after the treatment, compared to earlier. And I do received comments from friends whom we met face-to-face and they thought I re-dyed my hair. So I guess that's a success??

Besides that, I can definitely feels my hair being softer and smoother after the treatment. And smell so nice! CP-1 hair products never fail me (so far).

Since I have short hair now, 50ml of product can last me up to 3-4 full head treatment!!

Unfortunately, this hair salon color treatment is not available on Althea Korea anymore. T.T

The nearest alternative which I could find online currently will be purchasing from Singapore Online Shopping platform Qoo10. They are selling for SGD14.95 (approx. RM45+) per tube. However, if you so happened to travel to Korean, you can actually get it for KRW3,900 (approx. RM14+)!!!


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Highly possible if I come across it at South Korea

For your reference.


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